In Memory of Ronald Adler

Name: Ronald Adler
Birth Date: August 5, 1938
Ascension Date: December 6, 2020

Ron Adler joined the Family Federation late in life. He was in his late sixties when two Japanese Missionaries knocked on his door in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. He quickly began coming to the services and programs of the Kona Family Church. He felt a bond of friendship and camaraderie with the members.

Anne Marie Mylar shares the time after Ron attending several church programs, he called her husband (Kem Mylar) one day demanding to be taught the Divine Principle. He could not figure out why we were not teaching him the Principle yet. Kem drove to his house and gave him a 2-hour cassette tape. Ron listened to the whole content several times and then called again asking, “Do you have more?” He listened to the 4-hours, then 6-hours Divine Principle lectures several times. But that was not enough. Eventually, he traveled to California for a DP workshop.

Before moving to Hawaii Ron lost most of his eyesight. He partially recovered his eyesight due to a very skilled Hawaiian surgeon. Having met the church soon after gaining his eyesight he thought God prepared him to meet the church.

Having a broad experience in business throughout his life, Ron was asked to help with the Hawaiian Queen Coffee Farm and company. He quickly became the President of the company. When Rev. and Mrs. Moon visited Hawaii they were impressed by Ron’s acute business ability. They affectionately called him “Grandpa Jew” because of his ancestral background and age. One day after Hoon Dok Hae, True Father walked up to Ron and pinched his cheek and said these exact words, “I like you” and then corrected himself and said, “No, I love you”.

He led the Hawaiian Queen Coffee farm to success and the farm received several first-place awards in the Kona Coffee Cupping Competitions.

Ron was born in Hartford, Connecticut but was raised mostly in Miami, Florida, and graduated from Miami High School. He felt strongly about civil rights and joined the Freedom Riders, a group of black and white activists who rode buses in the segregated South in the early ‘60s to protest racial segregation on buses. Ron marched with Martin Luther King and on one occasion during a march received a knife wound in the abdomen.

He is survived by two sons and one granddaughter from his younger son.

In 1973, Ron and family moved to Cleveland, Ohio and later his business skills took him to Las Vegas in 1978. In 2002, he moved to retire in Hawaii.

Ron’s son says Ron loved people as a general rule and the telephone was never very far from his reach – long before cell phones. He was a people pleaser and child of immigrants; his father was a baker on the graveyard shift at the landmark Fountainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. He was raised with very little in the way of economic means and earned every dollar he ever made by having an astute sense of being able to figure out how to close a deal. From selling Fuller brushes door to door and even used cars when he was a young man, to running multi-state off-site sales operations for Florida real estate developers, to sophisticated alarm systems on large estates in Cleveland, to timeshares in Vegas, to coffee in Kona.

Ron could sell ice to an Eskimo as he was that naturally skilled at selling. He was happy just to be alive and he felt most purposed bringing people together and “making a deal”.

Before his passing Ron was in the hospital for about 3 weeks due to kidney failure and related complications. He will be buried very close to his mother and father and other relatives at Mount Nebo Cemetery in Miami, Florida

Online Memorial Service
Saturday, December 19, 4:00 PM Hawaiian Time
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  • Randy & Kumiko Francis


    What a beautiful person and heart felt tribute. His light surely burned bright on this earth. May he rejoice and have True Father pinch his check again.


  • Rolando Rima


    A truly interesting lifepath of our elder brother Ron Adler. He finally found our True Parents though a little bit late in his life. His contribution to the Church and his ardent devotion to Heavenly Parents and True Parents will always be remembered.


  • Jim Bard


    What a wonderful life and wonderful story. Ron’s interaction with Father brings tears to my eyes. Ron’s thirst and acceptance of the Principle is a wonderful reminder to me of what a treasure it is, how it moves souls, and that it is an invaluable gift that we are so blessed to share.
    May God bless and keep you always Ron and may you make myriad deals between heaven and earth for our Heavenly Parent in the next life.


  • Nicholas Buscovich


    Ron, talk us all we are never to old to attend True Parents. You blessed Hawaii with your presence. Please give our love to Joe Tully as you both attend TF in Spirit World. Aloha and Oceans of Love


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