The Matching is a process by which two individuals connect each other with the support of their parents, family or Matching Supporter, and build a God-centered relationship in preparation to receive the Holy Marriage Blessing.

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The Matching Process

The Matching Process consists of three stages:
1. Preparing for the Matching
2. Finding the One
3. Becoming a Matched Couple

Matching Support Resources

Find Matching support for a healthy process.

Blessing Education

We offer three levels of Blessing Education that are offered throughout the U.S. for singles, engaged couples, and married couples. The education curricula focuses on practical application in relationships in preparation for the Holy Marriage Blessing.

Matching Forms

Download any of the forms needed to complete the applications in the Application Center.

Family Matching Support Webinars

Is your family interested in learning about the matching process and networking with other Unificationist families? Join our Unification Family Matching Support Webinar Series to get informed!

Matching Supporters

Find a certified Matching Supporter anywhere in the U.S. to help you through your Matching process.

Blessing Interviewers

Find a trained Blessing Interviewer near you.