Unificationist Coaches

Let one of our Unificationist coaches take you to the next level.

Our community is blessed with talented coaches who want to help you reach your full potential in every area of your life.  We have listed their unique skills and experience here so you can select and contact the coach that fits your unique purpose and vision. You can work out regular appointments with them and a payment plan on your own.


David Young

Strategic Intervention Coaching Training, Landmark Introduction Leader



Areas of Expertise:  Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Performance Coaching, Marriage Coaching

Session Options:  Video Call (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.) and Phone Call

Suggested Rate Per Session:  $100, with sliding scale option (contact David to negotiate)

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David is committed to enabling people to live life powerfully and passionately. He’s obsessed with discovering what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives. As a coach, he works with professionals, business leaders, students, parents, and small business owners to effectively create measurable results in areas of life that truly matter to them. David speaks internationally and inspires people to create results through their own creativity. At home, David balances his passion for others with his love of mixed martial arts and music. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Rika and their son. (read David’s story here:


Rachel Curry

Certified Parent, Teen and Family Coach, Academy for Family Coach Training, Power of Clearing Certification, On Purpose Coaching



Phone Number:  (503) 833-2637

Areas of Expertise:  Marriage Coaching, Self-Love and Confidence, Healthy Relationships, Grief/Loss

Session Options:  Video Call (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.), Phone Call, and In-Person

Suggested Rate Per Session:  Call for your free consultation!  Or check out

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From Rachel: Restoration of the heart is what this world is for. So why not make it a little fun? Building new, healthy habits is so much faster, less painful, and more effective with a coach. For the last 15 years I have helped hundreds and hundreds of parents, teens, families and individuals to build more trust, love and respect in their relationships. My philosophy is that within a supportive environment, any willing person can tap into a wealth of inner wisdom and confidence, and create the life they desire. I invite you to walk with me. You might need to leave something behind. I can help you with that, too.

I offer coaching programs and clearing for women and young professionals. I also have a four-week class for parents of teenagers. You can read more about my programs on my website.

Rachel’s Qualifications:

● Power of Clearing Certification, On Purpose Coaching – Bellingham, WA
● M.A., Higher Education Administration, Stony Brook University – Stony Brook, NY
● Certified Parent, Teen and Family Coach, Academy for Family Coach Training- Portland, OR
● B.A., Spanish and Global Studies, Pacific Lutheran University – Tacoma, WA)

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Life Coach, Marriage Mentor


Phone Number:  (805) 218-8712

Areas of Expertise:  Marriage Coaching, Mental Health

Session Options:  Video Call (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.) and Phone Call

Suggested Rate Per Session:  Sliding Scale- please contact Chris for more information

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From Chris: I have been mentoring young adults for the last decade through youth ministry as well as with NextGen Academy (NGA) and CARP. I received my life coaching certification in 2015 and have since been working diligently to earn my BS in Psychology with a minor in education. I have been a matching advisor for the last three years and am dedicated to helping individuals and families find happiness and achieve their full potential.

Chris’s Qualifications:

  • Matching Advisor: Bay Area Family Church May 2012-Present
  • Life Coach: Academy for Family Coach Training August 2015-Present
  • Mentor: NextGen Academy July 2009-Present
  • Assistant Trainer: NextGen Trainings July 2010-July 2016
  • Marriage Mentor: July 2014-Present

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Lucia Anderson

Spiritual Director, Peer Support Specialist, Recovery Expert 


Phone Number:  (480) 232-8681

Areas of Expertise:  Marriage Coaching, Mental Health, Grief/Loss, Co-Dependency, Attachment/Bonding, Addiction, Spiritual Direction

Session Options:  Video Call (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.) and Phone Call

Suggested Rate Per Session:  $25

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From Lucia: A personal journey with depression has driven my lifelong search for non-chemical methods to increase my personal happiness and sense of connection with the people in my life. I have been pursuing 12 Step Recovery since 2003 and I have completed all 12 Steps. My experience with God is very immediate and close. As a Spiritual Director, I do not have an agenda to promote any one faith tradition over others. Rather, my intention is to support you in your own personal faith journey. A Spiritual Director is someone who walks alongside you in your faith journey and supports you as you explore questions about life and God and faith. I was raised in a Quaker home with Buddhist and Jungian influences, and have experienced a variety of other expressions of Christianity including Positive Thought, Protestant Charismatic, and Roman Catholicism. I have been an active member of the FFWPU since 1975 and serve on the Education Committee of the Arizona Inter-Faith Council. I would consider it a privilege to engage in listening and sharing with you on any topics of spirituality, spiritual experiences, faith issues, and personal recovery and well-being that are of concern to you.

  • Lucia’s Qualifications:
    • Spiritual Director – Arizona Ecumenical Institute for Spiritual Direction in Scottsdale, Arizona “Art of Spiritual Companionship” – Commissioned May 2014
    • 12 Step Recovery (EA, DA, SLAA, COSA) – 2003 to present
    • Facilitated Learning Certificate – Recovery Innovations – August 2014
    • Peer Support Specialist – Recovery Innovations – 2014-2015
    • Peer Support Specialist certification, State of Arizona – November 2013
    • Bachelor of Science – Kennedy-Western University – September 2001
    • Member, Arizona FFWPU – 1986 to present
    • Blessed to Mark Anderson 1982
    • MFT – 1975-1982

    Interested in Being Listed as a Coach?

    The BFM is always on the lookout for competent counselors to support our Blessed Families. If you are a qualified Unificationist counselor interested in being listed on this page, please email to apply!