Special Grace & CIG Holy Items from True Parents

True Parents are giving us the opportunity to receive Special Grace and make a new start through the bestowment of the new Cheon Il Guk Holy Items.

God’s love and grace are always there for us to receive, but the experience of grace is very personal. Watch the videos, review the FAQs, and study the attachments to understand the significance of this Special Grace, and why this condition is personally valuable to you.

True Mother’s Benediction Prayer

Insights from BFM Staff

Songs to Connect to God’s Grace

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the Special Grace & CIG Holy Items?

True Mother offered the following Benediction on the Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk on April 21, 2016:

“Once again, the Heavenly Parent has bestowed His compassionate grace and laid the condition for the blessed families to uphold the wishes of the True Parents. Through this grace, the blessed families can establish the standard of faith that is 90 degrees straight and without shadow, the standard of true blessed families, and become the true citizens of Cheon Il Guk, blessed children who fulfill their mission and responsibility. Please bless this occasion so that these blessed children can be born anew as the children of Unification who can fulfill their responsibility and realize the Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ wish, which is to embrace all 7.3 billion people around the world. Once again, I ask You, Heavenly Parent, in the name of True Parents that through these holy items, blessed families can be born anew and can ascend to the eternal Bonhyangwon with no shadow or blemish. Please grant that these blessed children can ascend to the eternal Bonghyangwon with no traces of the Satanic sphere. I know that these holy items are the grace of blessing that will allow these children to ascend in the eternal homeland as the last true children. Please grant us your hand of grace so that all the children of the Unification movement are grateful for these holy items and your children will offer their last measure of effort and fulfill their responsibility so that all 7.3 billion people around the world can come within the embrace of True Parents and these children can proudly be remembered in history. I pray these things in the name of True Parents. Aju.”

To read further details about the significance outlined in the memo from International Headquarters, click here.

What is the purpose of the 40-day condition to receive the Special Grace?

To cultivate our resolve to uphold a standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before the grace of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Also to sincerely repent for past mistakes and offer a ‘statement of resolve to start anew in the Cheon Il Guk era’ before Heaven.

What does the 40-day condition to receive the Special Grace entail?

The 40-day devotional period includes HDH, prayer, bowing, and a minimum donation of $210 per family or $130 per individual. Though these amounts are those recommended by the International HQ, all American families are encouraged to offer a donation of $300.

Some have asked if there is any absolute requirement about exactly  which conditions/devotions must be offered, but this is a matter of personal responsibility. However, daily study of the Cham Bumo Gyeong is encouraged as it offers many new insights into True Parents’ life and course.

When do I need to complete the 40-day condition by?

Families have asked if it is acceptable to begin the 40-day condition a little later, with time for discussion so that spouses can come to agreement, and parents and adult children living in different places may decide to do the condition together.

The International HQ memo makes it clear that, case by case, families may take up until the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Acension in September 2017 to complete the 40-day condition and Special Grace Ceremony.

What is the level of forgiveness for those that receive the Special Grace?

  • This Cheon Il Guk-level grace will enable all Blessed Families to be reborn provided they have completely repented for any unprincipled actions.
  • The Holy Wine is a comprehensive Special Grace on the cosmic level that will forgive all past mistakes including unprincipled problems that could not be resolved. This Holy Wine will enable all Blessed Families to be born anew. To receive this cosmic grace, Blessed Families participating in the “Ceremony to Bestow the Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk’ and the ‘Holy Wine Ceremony’, must first stand on the foundation of having completely repented for all past mistakes in their lives and faith.

For details on the level of forgiveness of specific circumstances, please see Scope of the Special Grace.

What are the Four CIG Holy Items?

1) Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine

2) Cheon Il Guk Holy Salt

3) Cheon Il Guk Holy Candle

4) Cheon Il Guk Holy Earth

For more information about each item, please read A Guide to the Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk.

When do we receive the Four CIG Holy Items?

The Four CIG Holy Items will be bestowed to each family by the local pastor. Please inquire with your local pastor about when that might be.

When will the next Special Grace Ceremony be?

Ceremonies will be offered by your local community pastor anytime before the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Acension in September 2017. Please inquire with your local pastor about the details of the ceremony.

What is the dress code for the Special Grace Ceremony?

Formal church attire, preferably men with dark suits and white shirts and women with white or light-colored clothing. Holy Robes are not necessary. Photos of the ceremony will be shown to True Mother.

If I register in my district but find it necessary to attend the Special Grace Ceremony at a different location, where do I receive the Holy Items?

You will receive the Holy Items at your district where you originally registered.

In what locations can Holy Wine be given?

Any location, as long as a FFWPU pastor is present to officiate the ceremony. This includes a Blessed Family member’s home.

Who can officiate a Special Grace Holy Wine ceremony? Can parents officiate a Special Grace Holy Wine ceremony for their children?

Only FFWPU pastors, not lay members can officiate the Special Grace Holy Wine Ceremony.

Can a person receive the Special Grace Holy Wine on behalf of their children or spouse?


When a couple receives the Marriage Blessing in the future, how do they obtain their own set of Cheon Il Guk Holy Items?

They would obtain a set from their pastor or parents. We recommend that a Holy Item boxed set be given as a gift to each newly Blessed Couple. If a pastor or parents needs to obtain a Holy Box for the multiplied items they can contact the national Headquarters.

Can the Holy Items be received by a family in which only one spouse participates in the Special Grace ceremony?


Can the Holy Items be received prior to or without receiving the Special Grace Holy Wine?


What should be done with previous Holy Items, such as Holy Wine, Holy Salt and Holy Candle?

Previous Holy Items that are still usable may be multiplied as new CIG Holy Items, according to the official guidelines for multiplication of CIG Holy Items. Alternatively, to discard a previous Holy Item, you can report to Heaven in prayer how many years you have had the item, with what purpose it was used for, and report that you will remove the function and meaning of this item in the name of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Then, finalize the prayer by reporting that you will discard this used Holy Item.

How long will the CIG Holy Wine have the Special Grace element?

The Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine has the Special Grace element until the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Acension in September 2017.

Should the CIG Holy Wine be used from now on for all Blessing Ceremonies?

Yes, the CIG Holy Wine should be used to give the Marriage Blessing from now on.

Detailed Information

Please study the documents below for deeper understanding of the origin and significance of, as well as practical steps to receive the Special Grace and Holy Items.