Matching Supporter Online Training


Interested in becoming a Matching Advisor and supporting people through a healthy matching and Marriage Blessing process?

Being a Matching Advisor has been a rewarding experience for hundreds of trained Matching Advisors throughout the USA and world. The BFM now offers a free Online Training Course for Matching Advisor certification. By taking this online course, you will be trained to help matching candidates and parents develop a clear matching plan, assist them in finding potential candidates, and support them through the process. We will provide the Matching Handbooks and other materials, and will certify you as a Matching Advisor.

To begin, go to “How Do I Start?”

What You Will Gain

By taking the online training, you will gain the following by watching the video presentations:

  • Learn how to support candidates and parents through a healthy matching process
  • Utilize the various matching websites: Matchbook, the Online Matching System, and the International Matching Site
  • Join a network of hundreds of trained Matching Advisors
  • Choose a focus of interest (Blessed Children, first-generation Unificationists, international matching, Treasures of Heaven, etc.)
  • Experience personal enrichment through building relationships with candidates, families, and other Matching Advisors.

Upon completion of the online course, you will be familiar with the guidelines and process of the matching process, and be certified by the Blessing & Family Ministry as a Matching Advisor.

Who Can Become a Matching Advisor?

The ideal Matching Advisor is:

  • happily Blessed in marriage for at least one year.
  • called to support people through the matching process.
  • respectful of confidentiality.
  • trustworthy.
  • a good listener.
  • a patient communicator.
  • able to allocate a few hours per week of availability to devote to advising on an ongoing basis.

Read about the Role of a Matching Advisor for more information.

NOTE: You will need to submit a signed approval by your local pastor in order to complete the online training. Click here to download the Pastor Approval Form.

How Do I Start?

To be qualified as a Matching Advisor, please have your local pastor sign the Pastor Approval Form. Once they sign it and send it back to you, please upload it to the application below. Once we approve your application, you will have access to the Online Course videos, Matching Handbooks, and other resources. Please expect 1-2 business days for your application to be approved.

Upon approval, you will receive an email with a link to watch the video presentations.

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