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Blessing Ring

Option 1: Purchase in the USA

Email Michael Brunkhorst to place an order for your ring and ring size:

Please submit and confirm your Blessing ring order at least one month prior to the Marriage Blessing Ceremony to ensure timely delivery.


14k yellow or white gold rings.

Optional diamond.

Inscription and shipping included in price.


Depending on the style, the price for men is $340 or $380, and for women the price is either $225, $275, or $340.

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Option 2: Purchase in Korea

You can purchase a Blessing ring in Cheong Pyeong, Korea at the convenient store.


For a 14K gold Blessing ring with a diamond embedded, the approximate cost is $450 for men and $400 for women.

Holy Handkerchiefs

In order to request a Holy Handkerchief for a couple that will be completing the Three-Day Ceremony, please submit the following request form: https://bfm.familyfed.org/holy-handkerchief-request/

Holy Robe

Holy Robes can be bought in Cheong Pyeong for an estimated $200 + $50 for shipping (each). The best way to purchase a Holy Robe is in peron at Cheong Pyeong.

You can also order by phone or by fax:

Phone: 011-82-31-589-7401
Fax: 011- 82 -31- 585- 2897

Click here for a sizing chart.

To place orders in large quantity, please email us at bfmadmin@unification.org.

Holy Items