Divine Principle Study – Lasting Imprint

DVD-fron-for-web-e1437604207657Lasting Imprint is a series offered as an introduction to the content of the Divine Principle, the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Designed for independent and group study, the series contains thirteen twenty-five minute sessions, and a study guide with questions and further reading.

Sessions 1 through 5 discuss the original human design, the nature of God, human beings and the universe. Sessions 6 and 7 discuss the cause of crime or human deviation, and sessions 8 through 10 discuss the way in which God and human beings partner to resolve the suffering of humanity. Sessions 11 through 13 present a method by which we can see the pattern and direction of God’s work through history. The Lasting Imprint series is presented by Phillip Schanker and was recorded at a seminar/workshop in Manchester, NH.