Curriculum Package – Introduction to the Blessing: Level 1 Blessing Education


Does your local community want to host its own “Introduction to the Blessing” Level 1 Blessing Workshop? The BFM has now made it easy to host a Level 1 Blessing Workshop in your local community. Your community can purchase the Level 1 Blessing Curriculum online for $60, and it includes everything you need to know about running a successful Blessing Workshop for your community.This program is designed for young people who are 16 years and older who want to understand and prepare for the matching and Blessing in our Unificationist tradition. It emphasizes becoming the right person before trying to find the right person, and compares and contrasts infatuation with true love, dating with matching, and the ideal of the Blessing with traditional marriage. Personality and other self-evaluation material are introduced, and participants are encouraged to make a plan for personal growth and relationship readiness.