Community Blessing Ceremony Kit



This kit is designed for Pastors and community leaders who would like to host a Blessing Ceremony. Within this kit is a flash drive of professionally designed media files that can be printed by the community, as well as video segments from the Blessing Ceremony in Korea that can be shown at the local Blessing Ceremony. Also included in this kit are the printed samples of all the files included on the flash drive.



  • Marriage Blessing Ceremony How-to Guide
  • More Than a Marriage (folding card that explains the meaning and value of the Marriage Blessing)
  • Five Step Explanation Guide: Your Path to the Marriage Blessing
  • Editable Program for your Ceremony
  • Editable Community Announcement
  • Invitation for Married Couples to receive the Marriage Blessing
  • Invitation for Guests
  • Marriage Blessing Couple’s Booklet
  • Flash-drive containing videos of the Blessing Ceremony and the files of all the media included


Weight: 7.6oz

Dimensions: 11 ½“ x 9” x ¾“