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Love Like There’s No Tomorrow • Creating a Marriage Without Argument

In this brilliant TedTalk, best-selling author (Happy Wives Club and The Argument-Free Marriage) and marriage blogger Fawn Weaver suggest practical and simple shifts of thinking that can help anyone approach their marriage differently. Her…

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Webinar: “Preparing for Her” • Matching Preparation Webinar for Men • Thur, Sep. 14 at 9PM (EDT)

Calling all gentlemen! Interested in knowing how you can best prepare yourself for marriage? Find out during this upcoming webinar "Preparing for Her" and hear from several men about how they prepared themselves to…

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Online Blessing Interviewer Training • Now Available!

Interested in becoming a Blessing Interviewer and supporting people to create a healthy Marriage Blessing? Being a Blessing Interviewer has been a rewarding experience for many trained Blessing Interviewers throughout the USA and world. The BFM now…

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Special Needs Ministry Newly Launched!

The Blessing & Family Ministry has relaunched a Special Needs Ministry for families of children with disabilities. With this ministry, we hope to support these families in the following ways:

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Keep the Romance Going in 2017 with Giving Tuesday!

Contributed by the Blessed Marriage Project Here's your chance to contribute to marriage enrichment for hundreds of couples with a monthly donation of only $10. As we approach the end of 2016, we want…

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Il Shim Curriculum Updated and Improved

The updated Il Shim curriculum now available at was put together by parents and youth pastors from around the nation, representing a wide range of community sizes and demographics. The main new feature…

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Your Guide to the Four Great Holy Items

You can read everything you need to know about the Four Great Holy Items and how to use them in this comprehensive guide. Download the Guide

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Matching Advisor Training • Now Available Online!

Interested in becoming a Matching Advisor? A free online certification is not available! Being a Matching Advisor has been a rewarding experience for hundreds of trained Matching Advisors throughout the USA and world. The…

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True Mother: An Incomparable Inner Beauty

What are the qualities of a true mother? How can we define her incomparable love for the family and world? In honor of True Mother's visit to America, below is a selection from True…

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