Marriage Blessing Officiator Application

“In the Unification Church, we restore fallen man and woman centering on true love by giving the Blessing. God’s primary will is that this be accomplished. In the future, this will expand, as the work of making one world will remain. Now, through holding several Blessings for people worldwide, the new tradition of love is established as the road of tradition.”

– True Father

In response to True Mother’s guidance, the Marriage Blessing Ceremony Movement was initiated as a way to extend the grace of the Blessing to more couples and families throughout America, multiply the numbers of Blessed Central Families nationwide, and support each Blessed Central Family in reaching the goal of Blessing 430 couples in their tribe.

The HSA-UWC Board has established an official application process for Blessing officiating couples. This process will provide the transparency of the application and approval process, as well as maintain the integrity of Blessing Ceremonies that are sanctioned by True Parents. This process will include a recommendation from the District Pastor, approval from the Blessing & Family Ministry, and final approval by the Subregional Director.

Application & Approval Process

1. Complete and submit the online application for certification at the bottom of this page.

2. Upon completion, your application will be forwarded to your District Pastor for online review and signature. Note: In the case that a District Pastor is applying, another District Pastor should review and sign.

3. Also upon submission of the application, you will receive a link to complete a 30-minute self-paced Officiator training, which must be completed in order for the application to be approved.

4. After the District Pastor reviews and approves the application, the National Blessing & Family Ministry will review the application.

5. The application will be sent to the Subregional Director for final approval and signing.

6. Upon final approval, an official certificate of authorization to officiate the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony will be sent electronically and by mail to the Blessing Officiators.


Applicants must meet one of the following:

  • A couple recommended as officiators by both the Blessing and Family Ministry and a District Pastor, approved by the Subregional Director
  • An ordained Unification minister/pastor, approved by the Subregional Director

NOTE: In case the District Pastor is the applicant, another District Pastor is to review and sign the application.

It is the Blessing Officiator’s privilege to officiate ceremonies on the family and tribe level:

  • The Holy Marriage Blessing
  • Seonghwa Ceremony

Documents to be submitted: 

  • Photo of the applying couple
  • Marriage Blessing documentation (i.e. Blessing certificate, Blessing photo, or other document)

Requesting a Duplicate Certificate

Click here if you need to request a duplicate of your Blessing Officiators Certificate.

Note: There is no cost associated with receiving your original Blessing Officiators Certificate by mail. However, any request for an additional paper certificate incurs a fee of $10 per certificate payable by credit card. Please click here if you would like to request a duplicate of your Blessing Officiators Certificate mailed to you.