Stage 3: Becoming a Couple

Stage 3 of the Matching Process involves taking steps to commit to each other and preparing internally to receive the Marriage Blessing.

A) Hold a Commitment Ceremony

Once a couple has made the decision to commit to receiving the Marriage Blessing and becoming a Blessed Couple, they should plan a personalized Commitment Ceremony, where they officially accept the match and make their eternal commitment to each other. At this point, the couple has chosen one another and embraced a future together, and there should be no turning back.

B) Report Your Match

Report the match to your local pastor, submit a copy of the Matching Report Form to your local church, and upload the same form with a photo of your couple to the Matching Report Application.

Report Your Match

C) Start Smart: Level 3 Blessing Education

The Start Smart: Level 3 Blessing Education is designed for newly matched or recently Blessed couples preparing for the Blessing and for married life.  It features valuable content, from the meaning and value of the Blessing to practical guidance on relationships, communication, male-female differences, and building intimacy.

All Matching Candidates must complete Level 3 Blessing Education and receive a certificate of completion, either through self-study or a workshop, in order to attend the Blessing.

D) Preparing for the Marriage Blessing

There are some key steps involved for a couple preparing for the Blessing. Please visit Marriage Blessing to read everything you need to know about how to prepare for the Marriage Blessing.