Stage 1: Preparing for the Matching

Stage 1 of the Matching Process involves making preparations to begin searching for a potential spouse. These preparations are necessary to screen all candidates and confirm they are good-standing individuals. These preparations are designed to take time and not be rushed through.

By completing the steps below, you will be prepared to begin searching for a potential spouse.

A) Read the Matching Handbook

The Matching Handbook offers very detailed guidance about the Matching process and path to the Marriage Blessing. Depending on your situation, we offer two different handbooks:

B) Become a Matching Candidate

1. Preparing for Marriage: Level 2 Blessing Education

The Level 2 Blessing Education is intended for young adults 18 and older who are preparing to begin the matching process. The curriculum provides clear, step-by-step guidance for beginning and following through with the Matching Process successfully.

Step 1: Contact a pastor near you and tell them you would like to attend a local seminar.
Step 2: Attend the local seminar and receive a Certificate of Completion. 

NOTE: Completing these forms is required in order to qualify as a matching candidate.

2. Blessing Interview

All Matching candidates must be interviewed by a trained Blessing Interviewer in order to receive the Marriage Blessing. This interview is designed to help you leave your past completely behind you, receive the grace of God and True Parents, and enter a relationship with a renewed heart. The content of your interview will be 100% confidential with your interviewer.

Step 1: Download and complete the Blessing Interview Form.
Step 2: Contact a Blessing Interviewer to schedule a date.

NOTE: Completing the interview is required in order to qualify as a matching candidate.

3. Health Checkup

All Matching candidates must complete the Verification of Health Status Form. In order to complete this form, you must present at your Blessing Interview (1) the Health Exam Form signed by your doctor and (2) the results of the HIV and three basic STD tests. Many clinics offer these basic STD tests in combination at a cheaper cost. It is often most economical to take these tests at your local health clinic center or at the health office of a college.
Step 1: Download the Confirmation of Health Exam Form.
Step 2: Set up an appointment with a physician or authorized healthcare provider.
Step 3: Have the form completed and signed by the physician or authorized healthcare provider.
NOTE: Completing this education is required in order to qualify as a matching candidate.

4. Matching Candidate Application

Complete the Matching Application in order to qualify as a Matching candidate. The application will ask you to upload your (1) Certificate of Level 2 Education Completion, (2) Blessing Interview Form and (2) Verification of Health Status Form.

Begin the Matching Candidate Application

C) Develop a Matching Plan

A clear Matching plan is vital in order to have a smooth and healthy process. This worksheet is very helpful in creating a step-by-step Matching plan specific to your needs and preferences. Completing this worksheet will help clarify what you hope your process to look like.

Download the Matching Plan Worksheet