Matching Websites

Many couples have found each other through one of the Matching websites that our faith community has developed. Below is an outline of each of the websites and how to get started!

Also below are tutorials for parents to help access each of the Matching websites. You can then use the tutorial step by step to help you get started on each website.

We recommend that Blessed Children post profiles on all of the websites, which will provide the greatest opportunity for other parents to view their information. First Generation Unificationists should use the Online Matching System (OMS) and also Blessing4U (

If you any questions, please contact (Blessing4U) is hosted by the International BFD. It has many new features including the “faith level” of the candidate and that of the desired spouse, as well as candidate “Personality Type” options. It can now be used by First Generation Members and Families with children who have Special Needs. Parents use their Child’s login information to access the site, and use a “Search” password sent automatically when their son or daughters profile is approved. New profiles are approved daily, so we encourage Families to search frequently for possible matching candidates.

1. New profiles and recently updated profiles are listed first when you search.
2. Parents are only able to search when child’s profile is approved and is “Available” (see the slide show for more information)

Visit bcmatching.orgTutorial for Parents

Online Matching System

The Online Matching System (OMS) is a tool to facilitate the matching and Marriage Blessing process of first-generation Unificationists, Blessed Children, Special Needs candidates, Affiliate members, and ACLC members. The website works in conjunction with the BFM and cooperates with Blessed Family Departments worldwide.

Please note that in order for Parents to access this site their son or daughter must have a profile first, and must be confirmed to be a Blessed Child. Once confirmed, Parents will receive an email inviting them to register. The Parent registration will also be approved by the Administrator before they will have access.

Also, for a profile to be visible on this website, all registrants must first become fully qualified Candidates as approved by the BFM or BFD in their country.

Visit OMSOMS Tutorials for Parents and Candidates

Matchbook for Blessed Children

Matchbook is a matching network designed by the Blessed Family Association to help Blessed families share information for the matching of their children. Information is only shared with the people you wish, so you can feel comfortable to enter the information for all eligible family members. Most profiles are for Blessed Children. We recommend that First Generation, including those members who joined with their parents use OMS for the greatest exposure.

NOTE: On this website, the Family must register first, enter children’s information and then children can complete a profile.

Visit MatchbookMatchbook Tutorial for Parents

NOTE: has been replaced by and is no longer active. Please follow this link to create and access profiles.

On, Parents can only access the website using the login information of their son or daughter and ONLY when their profile is activated by the website administrator. If you have any questions please contact or