Matching Resources for Candidates

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Is your family interested in learning about the matching process and networking with other Unificationist families? Join our Family Matching Support Webinar Series to get informed!

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Matching Plan Worksheets

Matching Plan Worksheet

This Matching Plan Worksheet is created to be a tool to help any individual who is searching for their heavenly spouse to receive the Marriage Blessing. It should be adapted to each person’s or family’s situation. You may not want to answer or be able to answer all the questions. Feel free to answer the questions that will help you think and prepare yourself best.


Matching Websites

Smith & Sons

Online Matching System (OMS)

The Online Matching System (OMS) is a tool to facilitate the matching and Marriage Blessing process of first-generation Unificationists, Blessed Children, and Treasures of Heaven candidates. The website works in conjunction with the BFM, and cooperates with Blessed Family Departments worldwide.

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Matchbook for Blessed ChildrenMatchbook for Blessed Children

Matchbook is a matching network designed by the Blessed Family Association to help Blessed families share information for the matching of their children. Information is only shared with the people you wish, so you can feel comfortable to enter the information for all eligible family members.

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International Website for Blessed ChildrenInternational Website for Blessed Children

The International Matching Website for Blessed Children assists BC candidates and their parents in finding an international match. The website is a cooperative effort of BFDs worldwide.


More Resources

High Noon exists to create a culture of sexual integrity, joy, openness and true sexual intimacy. To provide sustainable pornography recovery and sexual integrity training services based on Unification Principles.

Porn Recovery Plan

Guidelines on Physical Closeness

24+ Connect Retreats

The 24+ Connect Retreat exists to provide the opportunity and resources for the greater 24+ Unificationist singles population to connect, grow together, and prepare for future relationships.

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Matching Supporters

Matching Supporters

Matching Supporters are volunteers that feel called to support candidates and their families in the matching process. They thoroughly understand the international guidelines and procedures for the matching process, know the matching and Blessing application process, and have been trained and certified by the National Blessing & Family Ministry, and participate in advanced training at least two times per year. They serve as guides through the matching process.

Matching Supporters

MatchRes_FlagPagesFlag Pages

The Flag Page, developed by Mark Gungor, is your chance to see how you succeed in life, what motivates you most and how you’re different from the people close to you. It’s simple to do (5 minutes), easy to understand and best of all, gives you a vision for your future… where you will succeed and why. In a world that seems to always be looking for what’s wrong with you, isn’t it time you find out WHAT’S RIGHT ABOUT YOU?

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MatchRes_MeyersBriggsMyers Briggs Personality Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment is the best-known and most trusted personality assessment tool available today. It is a self-reported instrument that measures personality preferences (not skills or abilities) and it is widely used throughout the world because of its high reliability and validity. The Myers-Briggs assessment has its roots in Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type. Katharine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, developed Jung’s theory and the first forms of the instrument, sharing a vision to enable individuals to grow through an understanding and appreciation of individual differences in healthy personality and to enhance harmony and productivity among diverse groups.


MatchRes_ReadyREADY Questionnaire

The READY questionnaire was developed to assist individuals who are not currently in a committed relationship to identify potential trouble spots that may arise in future relationships. The READY Report can help you determine whether you are ready to be in a committed relationship and what areas you can personally work on to increase your chances for success in future relationships.


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