The Korea Blessing Experience


If you’re thinking about going to Korea to receive the Marriage Blessing, then the Korea Blessing Experience is an offer for you. A fun and memorable program will be prepared for couples and guests from North America, including the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony, a group trip to Seoul, and couples activities.

Detailed info on the next Cosmic Blessing Ceremony will be available a few months prior to the event. The following information is subject to change.

The Korea Blessing Experience

  • Organized activities and preparation before the Blessing Ceremony
  • Cosmic Blessing Ceremony at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Cheong Pyeong
  • Celebratory activities after the Blessing Ceremony
  • Organized group sightseeing


Day 1: Arrival in Korea and transportation from Incheon Airport to accommodations in Korea.
Day 2: Pre-Blessing Ceremony activities and preparation
Day 3: Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony and post-Blessing Ceremony celebratory activities
Day 4: Practical education on beginning married life, organized trip to Seoul, transportation from accommodations to Incheon Airport, and departure from Korea