How to Receive the Marriage Blessing as a Married Couple

The process to receive the Marriage Blessing as a married couple consists of three stages: 
1. Prepare for the Marriage Blessing
2. Attend the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
3. Become a Blessed Couple

Stage 1: Prepare for the Marriage Blessing

These essential preparations are necessary before receiving the Marriage Blessing.

Receive Education

Learn about the significance of the Marriage Blessing by:

  1. Contacting a FFWPU Pastor in your area to get information and education about the Marriage Blessing.
  2. Want to learn more about the beliefs and traditions of the Family Federation? Check out and to find out more.


Ready to register? Click here to register for an upcoming Blessing Ceremony.

Stage 2: Attend the Blessing Ceremony

Find and attend a Blessing Ceremony.

Attend Locally

Contact a FFWPU Pastor to inquire about the next opportunity to attend the Blessing Ceremony.

Attend in Korea

As a married couple, you have the option to receive the Marriage Blessing in Korea from True Parents at the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. Find out more.

Stage 3: Become a Blessed Couple

The Marriage Blessing is the path to create the original marriages that God intended. These original couples are called Blessed Couples.

Five Steps to Become a Blessed Couple

The process to become a Blessed Couple consists of five steps. Click on each of the five steps to read more. Please contact your local pastor if you have any questions.

1. The Holy Wine Ceremony

As a result of the misuse of love throughout history, people have been separated from the original love of God, and a tradition of false love has been inherited from generation to generation. Through the Holy Wine Ceremony, we transition spiritually from the tradition of false love to that of God’s original love.

As Jesus offered bread and wine, saying, “This is my body and blood,” the Holy Wine represents God’s original lineage that was intended from the beginning.

2. The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony

The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony is conducted by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in their capacity as True Parents, or by an officiating couple representing them. The officiators cleanse the couple spiritually by sprinkling them with Holy Water, which signifies rebirth into God’s lineage, leaving past mistakes behind. The couple pledges to fulfill God’s ideal of creation, to establish a loving family, to maintain fidelity in marriage, and to raise their children to remain pure until marriage. True Parents then proclaim the completion of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony in front of God.

3. The Chastening Ceremony

The misuse of love throughout history has resulted in the mistrust and resentment between men and women that we see today. The Chastening Ceremony provides an opportunity to restore any personal sexual past, as well as the historical relationship between men and women. This is a symbolic ceremony in which each partner strikes the other three times on the buttock area to reverse the historical sexual immorality and the abuse of our bodies. Completing this ceremony opens the door to our God’s forgiveness and grace, and is conducted shortly after the Marriage Blessing Ceremony as the foundation for the next step.

4. The Forty-Day Holy Separation Period

The number forty is a biblical representation for the separation from sin. Through the Forty-Day Holy Separation Period, the couple abstains from sexual intimacy during the forty days after the Marriage Blessing Ceremony in order to separate the couple from the history of self-centered love, and become a Blessed Couple of true love. For married couples who are renewing their marriage through the Marriage Blessing, this period offers them an opportunity to restart their conjugal relationship with God at the center.

5. Three-Day Ceremony of Renewal

The Three-Day Ceremony of Renewal is the final ceremony to begin your journey as a Blessed Couple. Through this ceremony, the couple will begin their conjugal life by reversing what was lost through the misuse of love throughout history. This ceremony invites God’s presence into the intimate sexual relationship with prayer and sincerity. Through symbolic ceremonial steps, each partner gives spiritual rebirth to their spouse as an original man and woman. With God’s blessing and presence, your conjugal life can develop into one of total freedom in which you can love each other in joyful spiritual and physical oneness.

You can obtain the detailed instructions for this ceremony from your pastor during the Forty-Day Holy Separation Period.