Start Smart! Growing as a Couple – Level 3 Online Course

marriage is our spiritual path

Welcome to the “Start Smart” Level 3 Blessing Education Online Course! By completing this course, you will have a broader understanding of what it means to be a couple inside the Marriage Blessing, as well as learn practical techniques to further explore your couple’s relationship.

Each lesson will be presented as a video, and there will be a reflection essay at the end of the entire course. After you submit your reflection, we will review your submission and email you a Certificate of Completion.

Is It For Me?

This education is designed for engaged couples that are preparing to receive the Marriage Blessing and start married life. The content is presented by Unificationist counselor and marriage educator, John Williams, and BFM Consultant on Blessing Education and Counseling, Debby Gullery.

NOTE: This course is best done together as a couple. If that is not possible due to distance, watch the videos separately and talk about what you gained after each lesson. Both of you will have to submit your own written reflection.

What Will I Gain?

The course includes the following eight presentations:

1. Love Languages
2. Vision for a Strong and Loving Marriage
3. Expectations
4. Handling Differences
5. Communicating Safely
6. Genderalizations
7. The Marriage Bed
8. Handling Different Faith Styles

NOTE: We encourage you to participate in a Level 3 Blessing Workshop together in person with your match, in order to experience the workshop together with other couples. However, we understand that some situations make it difficult for some to participate in the workshop, so we’ve created this online self-study system to give those people the same content.


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