Start Smart! Growing as a Couple – Level 3 Blessing Education

The “Start Smart! Growing as a Couple – Level 3 Blessing Education” is designed for newly matched (engaged) or recently Blessed couples. The content is designed to help engaged couples prepare for married life and the Marriage Blessing. It features valuable content, including the meaning and value of the Marriage Blessing and practical guidance on relationships, communication, male-female differences, and building intimacy. The content is developed by Unificationist counselors and marriage educators, Debby Gullery and John Williams.

Note: Level 3 Blessing Education is required in order for a matched couples to receive the Marriage Blessing.

Take the Online Course

We strongly encourage couples to participate in a physical workshop in order to experience the workshop together with other couples. However, we understand that some situations make it difficult for some to participate in the workshop, so we’re offering a online course to give those people the same opportunity.

Take the Online Course