Preparing for Marriage – Level 2 Online Course

Becoming an ideal partner

Welcome to the “Preparing for Marriage” Blessing Education Online Course! By completing this course, you will have a practical understanding of the Matching process, as well as a deeper understanding of the value of the Marriage Blessing.

Each lesson will be presented as a video, and there will be a reflection essay at the end of the entire course. After you submit your reflection, we will review your submission and email you a Certificate of Completion.

Is It For Me?

This education is for anyone who is preparing to begin the Matching process, or would like to know more about the Matching process. It begins with the question, “How prepared am I, and what am I bringing to the table?” It will help deepen your understanding of relationships, and explores the importance of lineage. It introduces the Matching Handbook, and provides clear guidance for beginning the Matching process successfully.

What Will I Gain?

The course includes the following five presentations:

1. What Do I Bring to the Table?
2. Matching Smarts
3. Getting Real About Pornography
4. My Heritage, My Legacy
5. Understanding the Matching Process

NOTE: We encourage you to participate in a Level 2 Blessing Workshop in person, in order to experience the learning process together with other people. Contact your local pastor to find out how to attend locally. However, we understand that some situations make it difficult for some to participate in the workshop, so we’ve created this online self-study system to give those people the same content. This education is required in order to become a qualified Matching candidate. You can complete your Matching Candidate Application now in the Application Center.


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