Preparing for Marriage – Level 2 Blessing Education

The “Preparing for Marriage – Level 2 Blessing Education” is a highly-developed education curriculum designed for single individuals who are preparing to begin the Matching process. The content begins with the questions “How prepared am I?” and “What am I bringing to the table?” It deepens the participant’s understanding of healthy relationships, and introduces the value of commitment and lineage. We clarify the meaning and value of True Parents’ lineage and their legacy. It introduces the Matching Handbooks and provides clear, step-by-step guidance for beginning and following the Matching process successfully. Level 2 Blessing Education is required in order to become a qualified Matching Candidate and receive the Holy Marriage Blessing.

Note: You are not required to complete Level 1 before starting Level 2.

Attend Locally

The BFM has now made it easy to host a Level 2 Blessing Workshop in your local community. Your community can purchase the Level 2 Blessing Curriculum, and it includes everything needed to run a successful workshop locally. Additionally, we’ll send you a Level 2 Manual to support you step-by-step throughout the workshop. Contact your local pastor about having a local workshop.

Purchase the Curriculum

Take the Online Course

We encourage people to participate in a physical Level 2 Blessing Workshop in order to experience and learn about the Matching process together with others. However, we understand that some situations make it difficult for some to participate in the workshop, so we’re offering an online course to give those people the same opportunity.

Take the Online Course

Training Webinar for “Preparing for Marriage” Level 2 Curriculum

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70 Unificationists Gather for National Level 2 Blessing Workshop at UTS

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