Introduction to the Blessing – Level 1 Blessing Education

The “Introduction to the Blessing – Level 1 Blessing Education” is designed for Unificationists 16 years and older and new Unificationists who want to understand the basics of the Marriage Blessing and how to prepare for it.

The content emphasizes becoming the right person before trying to find the right person. We compare infatuation with true love, dating with matching, and the ideal of the Blessing with traditional marriage. Personality tests and other self-evaluations are introduced, and participants are encouraged to make a plan for personal growth and relationship preparation. The best way to receive this education is through a locally educated Level 1 Blessing Workshop. The curriculum can be purchased at

Note: You are not required to complete Level 1 before starting Level 2. Level 1 is not required in order to become a qualified Matching Candidate. However, it is strongly recommended for those interested in understanding the value of the Marriage Blessing.