Blessing Education

There are three levels of Blessing Education that are offered throughout the USA, both nationally and locally.

Being the Right Person – Level 1

This introduction to the Marriage Blessing emphasizes becoming the right person before trying to find the right person. We compare infatuation with true love, dating with matching, and the ideal of the Blessing with traditional marriage. Personality tests and other self-evaluations are introduced, and participants are encouraged to make a plan for personal growth and relationship preparation.

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Preparing for Marriage – Level 2

This curriculum begins with the questions: “How prepared am I?” and “What am I bringing to the table?” It deepens participants’ understanding of healthy relationships, and introduces the value of lineage. We clarify the meaning and value of True Parents’ lineage and their legacy. It introduces The Matching Handbooks and provides clear, step-by-step guidance for beginning and following through with the Matching process successfully.

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Start Smart! Growing as a Couple – Level 3

This curriculum is designed to help engaged couples prepare for married life and the Blessing. It features valuable content, including the meaning and value of the Blessing and practical guidance on relationships, communication, male-female differences, and building intimacy. The content is developed by Unificationist counselors and marriage educators, Debby Gullery and John Williams.

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Growing Up in a Pornified Culture

An informative and solution-based presentation on the realities of pornography in our culture and community.

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