Information on Preparing Candidate Profiles for the FMC

Preparing Candidate Profiles
Parents may attend the FMC without displaying a candidate.  Candidates can also be displayed at the FMC without their parents being present. But candidates can only be displayed with their permission and involvement. No parent should display their adult child as a candidate or pursue a match without the candidate’s involvement. To be displayed at the FMC, every candidate should do the following:

  1. Parents must first register their family profile on Matchbook located at under “My Family Profile” and then list their children, especially those who are candidates.
  2. Candidates can then complete their profile once they have been listed as part of their family profile. Candidates will be able to designate their preferred level of accessibility.
  3. Complete the additional 10-question personality page, which is required in order to download the profile and print for display. Candidates should complete these profiles themselves.
  4. Upload three good-quality photos at the profile page: one half-length (head & torso) and one full-length of the candidate and one family photo. The profile and photos are required, but do not necessarily need to be uploaded at the time of registration. They must be uploaded by May 10th.  If parents bring photos or profiles to the FMC that require scanning or copying to be displayed, there will be a $20 charge, and we cannot guarantee how quickly the material will be ready for display.

Be creative! A poem, photo montage or personal story also conveys who you are, and can be added to your profile at the FMC. Parents can also prepare “contact cards” with the candidate’s picture and your family’s contact info to give to other parents at the FMC.

IMPORTANT: If your candidate’s profile has not been updated since January 2016, you must contact us at if they still wish to be displayed. We strongly recommend profiles be updated and improved, with your adult child’s permission and participation. We will not display any old profiles unless we have heard from the candidate that they wish to be displayed.