In Memory of Tsukasa & Claudette Kambara

Tsukasa Kambara: November 22, 1954 – December 31, 2020
Claudette Kambara: April 14, 1955 – December 31, 2020

Blessing: CheonBo Couple 1,275 Blessing
Ascension Date: December 31, 2020

Our beloved brother and sister, CheonBo couple Tsukasa and Claudette Kambara, ascended to the Spirit World on December 31, 2020 at their home in Charleston, West Virginia.

Claudette grew up in Danville, Canada. She was well-known and beloved in the Charleston community as the local ‘Flower Lady,’ a business which she and Tsukasa created. Most of all, Claudette was known for her great dedication and love for God. She offered faithful service as the city leader of Charleston and State Pastor of West Virginia for many years and was a key member of FFWPU, ACLC, and UPF. Claudette was known for her warm, friendly smile, and had a loving heart for everyone she met.

Tsukasa, born in Miyazaki, Japan, had a passion and love for art. He was skilled in woodcarving, and especially loved creating abstract paintings, many of which were featured in local galleries and magazines as well as internationally in Tokyo.

Tsukasa and Claudette were Blessed in marriage in 1989 among 1,275 couples, and were registered in the CheongBo Won on October 10, 2020. They are survived by their four daughters, Choon Sung, Sarah, Rebekah, and Jessica who will hold a private service in their honor.

Please see below the information for the Seonghwa Ceremony and the special calligraphy from True Parents.

Seonghwa Ceremony

Virtual Seonghwa Ceremony: Friday, Jan 8, 7:00 PM (EST)

You can join by Zoom at
or connect to the live stream at

If you are joining by Zoom, please observe the Seonghwa Ceremony attire:
Men – dark suits and white tie
Women – white or cream color clothes

In lieu of flowers, donations are still accepted here.

Victorious Life of Tsukasa and Claudette Kambara

As CheonBo couples, Tsukasa and Claudette Kambara received beautiful calligraphy from True Parents:
“This plaque is therefore awarded to this couple as an inducted CheonBo Blessed Couple that has fulfilled the mission of citizens of Cheon Il Guk.”

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  • Agnès Ngwenya


    May our beloved brother and sister have a peaceful passage to the spirit world. Their work will remain engraved in the community and their love and life will remain alive in our memories.


  • chizuru quigley


    Dear, Claudette and Tsukasa san.

    I love you and you are eternal my sister and brother. We carry the joy and the cross together.
    Whenever I saw you Claudette, we share our honest heart a lots because we shared a lots of common things such as passion toward Tribal Messiah mission , your husband’s spiritual mother Eiko san who was my closest sister in church who also left to Spiritual world etc….
    “Love Conquers Death (Luke 7:11-17)” thank you for everything ! Let’s talk again


  • Gloria Frothingham


    God Bless them and their great efforts for around 30 years for West Virginia. My deceased husband’s home state is West Virginia so I am always grateful to their efforts. Also taking care of my in-laws and my husband Marshall’s graves with Claudette’,s prayers for them. I hope the vacancy of FFWPU leadership there can be filled. I asked my pastor if I could go and fill it. But he said I don’t feel that is for you. Hoping Strong ,loving, spirit filled ,,,1 st Gen .Couple and 2 ND Gen. s can continue and do greater works than the Kambaras. They did mighty works there. IMN Gloria,& Marshall Frothingham


  • Sebastian and Mereth Huemer


    Thank you Tsukasa and Claudette for your love and life here on this earth! May our Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love continue to bless you, and comfort and heal the hearts of all members of your family and tribe.


  • Galvan family


    My dearest Claudette and Mr Kambara, God and True Parents Love you Deeply, and Are With you always. So faithful. Claudette, I remember being your roommate at the leaders’ meeting in the New Yorker with our beloved Dr. Chang Shik Yang, leading us. Heaven Awaits you with Open Arms. Very grateful for your love and loyalty to God, TPs, Yesu Nim. May HP, TPs, Yesu Nim, Protect your beloved family. Siempre con ustedes, toujours avec vous. Sarang hamnida. ITN, 💞, Esteban and Lorna Galvan


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