In Memory of Sanae Sodeyama

Sanae Sodeyama was the third of five children born to Takamasa and Kurayo Kozaki. Three of her siblings (including two who were also Unification Church members) have already passed on to the spiritual world, one sister, Hisako remains. Mrs. Sodeyama was married prior to meeting the Unification Movement and had two sons, Isao and Isaku, one who precede her with an early passing.

In 1966, Sanae Kozaki (Mrs. Sodeyama) joined the Unification Church in Japan and served True Parents in several missions, including teaching in a church kindergarten and as an office manager at Ishim Hospital in Japan.

Sanae received the marriage Blessing with Takaaki Sodeyama as part of the 777 Couples group in Korea on October 21, 1970. This was the last Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony conducted by True Parents in Korea before the globalization of the Unification Church. True Father has referred to this Marriage Blessing as the foundation for connecting the people of the world together, “marks the beginning of a new era transcending races and tribes.”

Mrs. Sodeyama came to the USA in 1987 following her husband who was a videographer for New Future Films. They had two sons, Tomitaka and Katsunari. Both sons are now Blessed in marriage – Tomitaka to Erica, and they have two children, Umiko and Jago. Katsunari is Blessed to Hanae and they have one daughter Maya.  During much of the time in the USA Mrs. Sodeyama babysat in order to help with family finances.  She continued to care for children until the age of 75.

Mrs. Sodeyama was an active member in the New Jersey Unification Church, bringing guests to public events and also serving for those events.  However, her greatest love was Home Church and small group activities that she set up and organized in her own home. She invited neighbors and friends to talks given by church elders including Mrs. Eu who was a dear friend. She was a treasure trove of love and care in her community.

Though she remained active, Mrs. Sodeyama struggled with high blood pressure from the age of 40 years old and eventually developed cardiac issues. About 8 years ago, she went on dialysis as a result of her diabetes and her health began to slowly deteriorate, though she continued to serve wherever and whenever she could.

Mrs. Sanae Sodeyama ascended to the Spirit World on Friday morning, October 18, 9:50 AM at the Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack. She was 81 years old and had been admitted to the hospital due to multiple health problems related to her advanced age. She served True Parents and our Unification family for more than 53 years.  Her family and friends will always remember her for the love she offered to our members, her caring attitude towards everyone, and her cheerfulness. Mrs. Sodeyama epitomized the ideals of loving service.

Seonghwa Ceremony

Sunday, October 20, 7.00 PM at the Clifton Family Church, 78 DeMott Ave, Clifton, NJ, 07011.

If you would like to send flowers, please send it to Clifton Family Church, 78 DeMott Ave, Clifton, NJ, 07011.

If you would like to send a card or donation, please send it to Mr. Katsunari Kozaki, 1614 Valley St. 1A, Fort Lee, New Jersey, 07024.

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  • Carol Pobanz


    Mrs. Sodeyama’s son offered words of thanks following the Seonghwa service saying, “When my daughter asks me in the future, ‘What is unconditional love?’ I will tell her the stories that have been shared here in this ceremony tonight.” This is a profound testimony to a life “well lived.” May Mrs Sodeyama live a glorious life in eternity, together with all those family and friends in service to True Parents who have passed before her.


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