In Memory of Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu (1933-2019)

Name: Gil Ja Sa Eu
Spouse: Eu Hyo Won
Children: Jin Seung Eu, Jin Gun Kim, Jin Hyung Eu
Birth Date: September 3, 1933
Blessing: 36 Couples Blessing
Ascension Date: August 20, 2019

Mrs. Eu was born on September 3, 1933 (by the lunar calendar). She was born in Ham Hong in North Ham Gyeong, and was the eldest daughter of Sa Gyeong Yuk and Yu Cheong Ja. She has two brothers and one sister.

Mrs. Eu met our movement on March 3, 1955, when she was introduced to the church by her close friend, Shin Mi Shik. She then joined the Unification church while attending Ehwa Women’s University.

On May 11, 1955, Mrs. Eu was expelled from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ehwa University during her 4th year in what is known as the Ehwa-Yonsei Incident in our movement’s history. So in 1956, she transferred to the Sook Myung Women’s University and graduated in February of 1958.

On April 21, 1960, she participated in the 3 Couples’ Blessing with her husband, President Eu Hyo Won. Mrs. Eu was then responsible for church development at the Shin Gak Church until 1961, and from 1960 to 1983 she has toured Korea and visited many churches and centers.

From February 1983 and until July 1991 she was a missionary to America. She served as a church leader and also traveled throughout the country to visit local churches and centers in the United States.

From July 1991 until April 1992, Mrs. Eu toured Japan and worked to prepare the establishment of the Women’s Federation for World Peace in Korea and Japan.

From April 1992 until August 2000, Mrs. Eu served as Vice President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, as the second president of WFWP Korea, and as the first President of WFWP International.

In August 1992, she was appointed as Secretary General of the World Peace and Unification Party, a title she held until the present time. From April 1996, Mrs. Eu also served as National Messiah to Finland.

From March 1999 to 2008, Mrs. Eu has toured Japan to give the Divine Principle Lecturers’ Education she had developed. In 2000-2004, she has also offered the Divine Principle Lecturers’ Education for Christian pastors and church members in America.

In February 2005, Mrs. Eu received an honorary Doctorate of Theology from Sun Moon University

On February 19, 2019, Mrs. Eu completed the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah, and her family is recorded in the CheonBo Won. She ascended to the spirit world on August 20, 2019 in Korea.

Mrs. Eu had published many books over the years. She wrote about the Providence in America, and published several books on learning the Divine Principle and teaching it to children. She also published the Divine Principle Education Textbook.

Mrs. Eu is survived by her children: Eu Jin Seung (married to Kim Yun Sook, 2nd Gen. 36 Couples’ Blessing), Kim Jin Gun (married to Choi Hwa Suk, 2nd Gen, 72 Couples’ Blessing), and Eu Jin Hyung (married to Go Yuri), and by her six grandchildren: Eu Pil Seon, Eu Nam Mi, Eu Nam Ok, Kim Chung Won, Kim Chung Il, and Kim Chung Ho.

Seonghwa Ceremony
Date: August 23, 2019

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  • Lutondo


    Congratulations Mrs. Eu for your dedication to God and True Parents.
    Our sincere condolences to entire family.
    May God prepare her eternal home beside Her husband , president Eu and true father.
    Lutondo family.


  • Helen Kashiwa


    Dear Elder Sister Gil Ja Sa,
    Thank you so much for all you did to facilitate teaching of Divine Principle, and your beautiful example of filial piety to True Parents! Truly you loved God’s word and blessed families so much. Thanks also for your manuals and books, and powerpoints about DP as well as Danbury and the American Providence. Congratulations and Godspeed in your new life in the spirit world, and whenever we teach DP and bring victory, we will remember you!




    Safe transition towards rejuvenating heart home Mrs.Eu.
    Thanks for your book and encouraging everybody in ChamPyeong to become Super lecturer Thank you for making leaders listen to Heavenly Parent”s Heart expressed through members who many systematically ignore and search solutions right under their face ,elsewhere!.
    May Mrs.Eu help lecture preaching of ALL in achieving the 2020 internal&external goal.
    MAY YOU BE ALWAYS HAPPILY PROTECTED MRS.EU and many see he💓rt aspect of Principle your book.


  • Bento & Kimiko Leal


    Mrs. Eu is a total gem of a person. She was our Regional Director twice in Texas region back in the mid and late 1980’s. She was (is) feisty and faithful, a very warm heart. She is now with her husband President Eu in the spiritual world. I have the fondest memories, appreciation, and love for Mrs. Eu. God bless you, dear sister — you’ve enriched so many lives with your love, faith, and example, and your tireless devotion to the Divine Principle and our True Parents. Soar in the Heavens!


  • Beverley Tidwell


    Sorry to hear about Mrs Eu’s passing. She was one tough lady. I remember not having much time for her in a visit to Albany, New York as I was so busy getting ready for some campaign. I came late to her talk but she really respected the fact that I just plowed on with my work until it was completed. She always said Hi to me in NYC at events in the following years. I learned a lot about “holding your own” with leadership from her. Womensei….I’d like to meet you sometime!


  • Patricia Hartley


    Thank you for the tremendous work you did during your physical life, dear Mrs Eu. I remember how you taught us how to teach DP from your new manual at the 40 day wives workshop in Feb/March 2004. I also met your husband in 1969, when he accompanied True Parents on their world tour. He was responsible for recording everything at that time. Mrs Eu, you will be remembered for a long time and I look forward to meeting up with you again when I go to my eternal home in the future. Many blessings and love to you and your family.


  • gregory carter


    Dear big sister,
    I will truly miss your advice and smile. I am reminded of how “the Blessing” can sometimes be very difficult to endure and prevail. During these times, God almighty understands and sends messages of encouragement to us, I believe. One messenger for me was you… Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu.
    Thank you.

    To our beloved members, I want to testify that, Mrs. Gil Sa Ja Eu exemplified True Parent’s love for me as their representative.

    Mrs. Eu arrived in my life during some of my early struggles and difficulties. She brought, shared deep guidance, personal insight, and advice at crucial times.

    One funny story with her happened about 1980 at Ohio State University.

    After class, I arrived back at the C.A.R.P center to smell, what seemed like marijuana all over the house and in the neighborhood. Shortly afterwards, the city police arrived. Somehow, they had tracked down the smell to our center and came to investigate. We were worried that they might make an issue out of this.
    Mrs. Eu was visiting us and doing a”moxa treatment” in the back.

    When the police went around back, this small asian woman (in white) came out and greeted them looking like an angel. Simply, they said, “oh, its okay”and left. We were surprised because we didn’t say anything. She just said in broken english, “Moxa”. Until this day, I don’t know what happened then.

    She visited Washington DC last year, I felt that she might transition soon and spent some very good time with her. It meant a great deal to me to feel her spirit and reminiscence about her special care for all of us as an IW. Serving and caring always.

    I don’t know, if many members have such a person in their life of faith these days, its important to have at least one. I did and she meant a great deal to my journey.

    Thank you, big sister! Thank you, Heavenly Parent for loving me so much to send her to help. It shall never be forgotten!


  • Randy HAM


    Dear Mrs Eu we still remember you when you came to visit our MFT team in Texas as IW MELITA and I plus the many many mucho brothers and sisters will always remember you luv from the American MFT and the Great of Texas


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