In Memory of Eog Cheong Choe

Name: Eog Cheong Choe
Spouse: Jin Ae Hwang
Children: Jeung Ju, Jeung Hwa, Jeung Mi
Birth Date: January 8, 1954
Blessing: October 14, 1982
Ascension Date: October 23, 2020

Eog Cheong Choe was born on January 8, 1954 in South Korea to Hak Jun Choe and Kim Sun Son. He earned a degree in Philosophy from Soong Shil University in 1980 and graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary in 1989.

Eog Cheong met Rev. Sungdo Kim and Sangsoon, (777) now in Richmond, VA and joined the Unification Church in March 1972. He was Blessed in marriage with Jin Ae Hwang as part of the 6000 couples Blessing in 1982 and they were blessed with three princesses. He first served as a missionary in Germany in 1981 and as the CARP leader in 1982. In 1991 Eog Cheong started his missionary work in the Post-Soviet Union countries. In 2001, Eog Cheong served as the Regional Leader in the Gateway City, St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Eog Cheong moved back to Korea and was a Family Party candidate during parliamentary elections in South Korea in 2008. He enjoyed his retirement playing golf, traveling, and drinking coca-cola!

Eog Cheong peacefully departed this life on October 23, 2020. He is loved and remembered by his family: Jin Ae Hwang; Jeung Ju Choe and John Yoon; Jeung Hwa Choe and Guillermo Lopez Ramirez;

Jeung Mi Choe and Thomas Schumaker; Kimsun Son; Jung Ae Choe; Yunjung Choe; Moonsung Choe; and Jaeho Choe; one grandchild; and a host of nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

True Mother’s calligraphy presented to Missionary Eog Cheong Choe

Seonghwa Ceremony
Oct 29, 2020 at 12:00 PM
Beall Funeral Home Bowie, MD

Wonjeon Ceremony
Oct 29, 2020 at 2:00 PM
Ft. Lincoln Cemetery
The FFWPU National Wonjeon – Unification Gardens

Donations can be sent by check to: Jin Ae Choe Hwang
Mail to: 313 Old Trail Rd. Baltimore, MD 21212

Bio in Korean

◆ 약력 및 학력(Biography)
– 1953년 9월18일(음력) 최학준 손금순 내외분 사이에 3남2녀 장남으로 출생하여 2020년10월23일(천력 9월7일) 오전1시 자택에서 성화
– 1980년 숭실대 철학과 졸업, 1989년 미국통일신학대학원 졸업
– 1972년 3월 12일 입교, 1982년 6천가정 축복
– 1981년 독일 유학, 82년 튀빙겐대학 학사장
– 1991년 키르키스탄, 우크라니아 선교사 및 국가회장
– 2001년 미국 미조리주 교구장
– 2008년 한국 가정당 국회의원 출마
◆ 가족(Family)
– 아내: 황진애(Jin Ae Choe Hwang)
– 장녀: 정주(Jungjo)-윤종찬
– 차녀: 정화(Junghwa)-기에르모 로페스
– 삼녀: 정미(Jungmi)-탐 슈메이커 (손녀: 루비 슈메이커)
◆ 삼위기대(Trinity)
– 이동석 정광자가정, 요시노 히로시 유윤희가정
◆ 믿음의 부모(Spiritual Parents)
– 김성도 노상순가정(Rev. Sungdo Kim and Sangsoon, 777가정)
◆ 믿음의 자녀(Spiritual Children)

– 홍성복, 석홍, 몽골-리아스님, 중국-김인, Anisa Tankka, 외 다수

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