In Memory of Welborn Rozier(1948 - 2015)

individual picture
Welborn Rozier
Karen Lisbeth Rozier
Se Hyun Rozier
Birth Date
July 23, 1948
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
July 5, 2015  12:00 AM
Our beloved brother, Welborn Rozier, from North Carolina ascended to the spirit world on Sunday, July 5, after suffering a sudden stroke two weeks earlier. Welborn is a known and accomplished Divine Principle lecturer and a beloved, involved member of his community, who will be greatly missed by his loving family and friends. He is survived by his wife Karen Lisbeth and his son Se Hyun.

Let us join together to support Welborn's family during this important time and offer our prayers for his victorious transition to a glorious new life in the spiritual world.

Following is information of the Seonghwa Ceremony and a short biographical piece written by Welborn shortly before his passing.


​Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director

​Dr. Michael Balcomb
family and friends

Welborn Kent Rozier was born on July 23, 1948 and ascended to the spirit world on July 5, 2015. He received the Marriage Blessing with Karen Lisabeth on July 1, 1982 as part of the 2075 couples’ Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Here is a short autobiography that Welborn wrote before ascending:

“I’m a proud Unificationist who is blessed in marriage to Karen Lisbeth Kardel now for 33 years with one grown son who is blessed in marriage to a wonderful daughter-in-law. I love God, my family, my country, and the Lord of the Second Advent: Father Sun Myung Moon.

I grew up throughout the South, studied in a Catholic seminary, and since have traveled to every State except Maine and Alaska. I joined the Unification Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

I’ve been to Germany, Italy, France, Korea, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia on pioneer missions as a lecturer and fundraising captain. I love reading and teaching about history, the Bible, and Divine Principle.”

Donations can be made for Welborn and his family: Make a Donation

Local florist: Angel Roses Florist, 919-596-6185

Seonghwa Ceremony

3 PM (EST)
1414 Watts St. Durham, NC 27701

Mailing Address for Donations and Flowers

502 F Street, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

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  • Rev.J.Picart


    Dear family,

    May the love of our Heavenly Father and your love for our True Parents be a COMFORT for you at this
    surroundng moment in your house.

    We join you in prayer.


  • Alice Fleisher



    I send my heartfelt consolation for your loss. Wellborn honored Heaven and True Parents throughout his rich life. We wish him well as he begin his next chapter of service. Love to you as well Karen. You have always been dear to me, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to serve God’s Will! ITN, Alice Hamaker Fleisher


  • Bea Clyburn


    Please dear Karen-Lisbeth, can you send your email address to mine. I wish to write to you personally, Thank you, Love, Bea


  • Sallyann


    I met Wellborn at UTS when I was in my first year there, and he was soon finishing. We took part in an inter-class debate in which he showed himself to be formidably capable of persuading other people that he was right. He enabled me to understand the true heart of American debating is about persuading; this was an important cultural point, I felt. This must have stood him in excellent stead in his post-seminary service, and may it serve him well in his new mission on the other side. As we say in South Africa at funerals, ‘Go well, Wellborn’. May you be comforted at home.


  • Joanna Hartl


    Dear Karen-Lisbeth,
    I will never forget the hospitality that you extended towards me during my short stay in Washington, in year 2000. I was on my way from a workshop in Bridgeport, back to my mission country in Palau. I will never forget your kindness and the warmth with which you and Welborn embraced me.
    May God Bless You and your family at this time.
    It appears that our True Father is welcoming (some would even go so far as to say “calling”) his loyal children home, as he needs his army of helpers in the Spiritual World. I am sure that Welborn is going to be very busy there, and I am sure he will be teaching plenty of workshops!
    Thank you once more, I will never forget you!
    Your loving sister Joanna


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