In Memory of Pamela Gaarder(1957 - 2014)

individual picture
Pamela Gaarder
Craig Bruce Gaarder
Trellis (25), Liana (21) , Branch (19)
Birth Date
October 11, 1957
Blessing Date
October 14, 1982
Ascension Date
May 17, 2014  11:30pm
Local Church
New Hope Family Church (UC of Maryland)

Following is a testimony by Family effort (Craig, Liana, Branch).

family and friends

Pamela Jean Gaarder was born October 11, 1957 in Salinas California. She was adopted as an infant and raised by Sydney and Bob Tyler in San Jose, California with her two sisters, Jill and Sandy. She never met her biological parents.

As a young teenager Pam ran away from home and traveled the world searching for answers to life. She hitch-hiked around Europe, read a lot, spent six months in Morocco, explored various philosophies and dreamed of starting a commune. In 1978 while visiting San Francisco, two church members approached her, and she caught the vision of the Unification movement at the Booneville training center. She ended up joining the Unification Church at age 21, and was blessed in marriage at age 24 to her husband of 32 years, Craig Gaarder at the Blessing in Korea in October of 1982.

Unlike most first-generation Unificationists who joined the Blessings of 1982, Pam specifically asked to marry Craig. When True Mother asked her “Why do you want this brother?” she responded, “He has a good mind and a good heart.” Together, they raised three children: Trellis (25), Liana (21), and Branch (19).

During most of the 1980s Pam was a core member of the New York City Church, serving on witnessing teams, fundraising campaigns and on workshop staffs.

Pam was always a goal-oriented dreamer who never stopped working hard to better the lives of her husband and children. She has fundraised for the last 25 years to support her family. For 10 of those years she fundraised every single Friday even when she was nine-months pregnant. While pregnant with Branch, Craig was driving her out to Hagerstown for fundraising, when she went into labor, and they had to turn around to head back to the nearest hospital. Pam would drive for hours to sell roses in bars along a route 100 miles long. As she told her family, the bar regulars got to know and love her and nicknamed her “Rose.” She always managed to come home having met or surpassed her goal of $1000, just in time to go to church with her family Sunday morning.
Two summers ago, Pam spent three months driving her beloved White Chevy Van to Kodiak AK and back, stopping to visit countless family and friends along the way. She loved adventure and didn’t hesitate to purchase a motorcycle and an off-roading jeep during the time the family sojourned in Florida.

Pam strove undaunted for financial freedom, and all the while dreamed of someday having the freedom to spend quality time with her family and to realize her dreams. One of her long-held dreams was to create a home for assisting troubled teens. She continued fighting for her dreams right up to her sudden and untimely passing at the age of 56. She was loved by many and will be greatly missed.

Seonghwa Ceremony

6:00pm EST
New Hope Academy, 7009 Varnum St., Landover Hills, Maryland
6:30pm EST 05/23/2014