In Memory of Tim Comey(1949 - 2015)

individual picture
Timothy Comey
Daniel, Hidetaka, Michael, Kunio
Birth Date
October 21, 1949
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
March 2, 2015  
Local Church
Portland Family Church

Following is a testimony by Eric Sytle.

Timothy James Comey, born on October 21, 1949, passed on and ascended to the spiritual world on March 2, 2015. He left behind the legacy of being a loving father to his family, a sincere and compassionate brother to all those who knew him, and a true filial son to God and True Parents, whom he devoutly attended for over 40 years.
Tim, also known by his middle name, Jim, was born in New Haven Connecticut to Ralph and Iola Comey. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, taking interest in tennis and the arts. He attended Ohio State University to pursue his passion for art until he discovered a deeper passion and calling for God when he met the Unification Church movement in 1973. He joined the Unification Church in Oakland, California, inspired by the teachings of the Divine Principle and the efforts of those following its teachings to bring about the world of peace sought for by God and humanity.Tim was called on to step up into leadership in 1975 when he became the State Leader of Idaho for the Unification Church movement, helping lead pastoral and inter-religious efforts of the church. Over the course of the following decades, he also served as the State Leader in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. He was also involved in various political, religious, and community activities like the International One World Crusade, American Constitution Committee, American Freedom Coalition, Washington Times newspaper, and hosting a radio talk show. He was a very active and caring community leader who demonstrated both strong faith in his beliefs and sincere compassion for the people he encountered. His presence and influence was such that he was able to forge strong relationships with senators, ministers, and musicians alike.

In 1982, Tim was matched and Blessed in marriage to a Japanese Unificationist, Shizuko Sugai. The two partook in a mass wedding ceremony at Madison Square Garden, where they committed themselves, alongside 2075 couples, to each other and to creating God-centered families that could transcend barriers of race, culture, and nationality. Tim and Shizuko settled in Boise, Idaho in 1987, where together they had 4 boys: Daniel, Hidetaka, Michael, and Kunio. Tim was a very loving and active father who enjoyed spending time with his kids in the outdoors, playing sports, and singing songs while playing guitar.

In 2000 at the age of 51, Tim suffered a severe stroke and brain hemorrhage that put an end to his active community and family lifestyle. He was in a month-long coma that doctors did not expect him to wake from, but with the strength and persistence that also carried him through past tribulations, he beat the medical community’s expectations and began to recover. Tim returned to his family in 2001, but not without considerable impairment. His stroke left him paralyzed on the right side of his body, unable to speak coherently, and in need of family assistance.

Despite being in his debilitated state, Tim never allowed his condition to affect his compassionate nature. He brought a warm, peaceful presence to any place he inhabited, and his heart always conveyed what his words could not. He had a deep love for his God, his family, and his community that continued to show in his late years as he remained diligent in his church attendance and in his encouragement of others who could do what he physically could not.

Tim suffered another severe stroke and brain hemorrhage on February 25, 2015, one that would ultimately take his life. His last week was spent with his family by his side at the hospital, and he peacefully passed at 10:21pm on March 2, 2015. His rebirth into the next realm is one to be celebrated and his life was one to be remembered and commemorated. Through everything he did, everything he faced, and everyone he loved, he did it with his whole heart. He was an incredible man, friend, father, grandfather, and leader. Most importantly, he was a loving son who did all he could in his life to serve his God and make His world a better place.

Prayer Vigil 
A prayer vigil was established. For those who would like to participate, below is a link to register on the google doc.:Prayer Vigil for Tim Comey

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Seonghwa Ceremony

2 PM (PST)
Portland Family Peace Fellowship: 2620 Hughes Dr., West Linn, OR 97068