In Memory of Teng Mei Hu(1929 - 2016)

individual picture
Teng Mei Hu
Chin Min Hu
Shang Chih, Yoshimi
Birth Date
September 5, 1929
Ascension Date
June 6, 2016  
Local Church
Anchorage Family Church

Following is a testimony by Teng Mei's granddaughter, Yuhwa Hu.

Teng Mei Hu, 87, ascended on June 6, 2016 peacefully at home in Anchorage, Alaska surrounded by loved ones. Teng Mei Hu was born in Fukushima, Japan and was an active traveler throughout her life. When she was nine years old, she moved to Manchu, China and lived there until she was 12. After returning to Japan she met her husband and had two children. Teng Mei also lived in Connecticut and Hawaii, traveled to Taiwan, and in 2006 moved to Anchorage, Alaska with her son’s family, but continuously traveled back and forth from Alaska to Japan until her ascension. Although a cancer survivor, some of her favorite pastimes were playing Ping Pong with friends, talking with her grandchildren, and drinking coffee. Teng Mei also had a passion for cooking and organizing. She took care of her grandchildren and taught them life lessons, such as being kind, having forgiveness and respect for others, and whatever you do always be happy. She is survived by her children, Shang Chih Hu and daughter‑in-law Jumsuk Baek, Yoshimi Kuge and son-in-law Shuushi Kuge; grandchildren, Taiki, Ai, Tomo, Kouki, Masa, Yuhwa, and Eri; and two great-grandchildren.

Teng Mei Hu and Family

Contributed by Teng Mei’s family:

“Our precious sister has had an amazing life of service for many people, for the sake of God and God’s Providence, and with a three-generation lifestyle. She served the local community for almost 10 years when she lived with her son Shang Chih and family at the local church’s Anchorage Garden. Also, many of us felt her as our mother figure and/or grandmother figure, and for some she was a role model. She was lifted up as an international peacemaker because in her family were represented the Chinese, Korean, Japanese and United States cultures and the desire to be a ‘universal and global type of family.’ Her example of faith, filial loyalty and service was remarkable. The spirit of her Seonghwa Ceremony was joyful and a loving tribute to a beautiful woman, as well as a filial and true daughter of Heavenly Parent in the realm of Cheon Il Guk.”



Seonghwa Ceremony

11:00 AM
June 11, 2016
Kehl's Chapel Legacy Funeral Home: 11621 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK
The Won Jeon will take place in Japan in July.

Mailing Address for Donations and Flowers

8961 Joy Circle, Anchorage, AK 99502

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    never met this lady physically but wish i did:her picture emits light and looks as a familiar person although never set foot in America .Cute little lady meet our ancesors 🙂


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