In Memory of Takeshi Watanabe(1961 - 2016)

individual picture
Takeshi Watanabe
Kimie Watanabe
Masazumi, Toshiki, Kent
Birth Date
November 24, 1961
Ascension Date
October 17, 2016  
Local Church
Bay Area Family Church
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our beloved and dear brother, Takeshi "Terry" Watanabe, of the Bay Area Family Church, ascended to the spirit world on Monday, October 17. Terry was deeply religious and devoted to God and True Parents, and was very involved with the Bay Area community. He has been a dedicated husband and father, who shared his love for nature with his wife and children. He shared his great inspiration from the outdoors with his church family through organizing hikes and various events, and with the greater community through being a committed supporter of the Scouts and their various programs. His warm, kind and bright spirit made him liked and respected by everyone who knew him.

He is survived by his wife Kimie, his three sons, Masazumi, Toshiki, and Kent, and his father Yukimasa.

Let us join together in support of Terry's family during this important and special time, and offer our prayers for his victorious transition to a glorious new life in the spiritual world.

Following is a biography and information about the Seonghwa Service.


​Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director

​Dr. Michael Balcomb

Takeshi “Terry” Watanabe was born on November 24, 1961, in Matsue, the capital city of Shimane prefecture on the main island of Honshu, in southwestern Japan. Terry was the only child of Yukimasa and Kyoko Watanabe. His father was a hard working car mechanic and Terry’s mom was a seamstress who created beautiful Japanese kimonos.

After his schooling, Terry joined the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force where he served as an aircraft mechanic. After completing his military service, Terry joined the Unification Church in Nagoya in 1984, and worked as a missionary in Japan until he immigrated to the United States in 1985. Terry continued his missionary work in the United States in New York City, Atlanta, Georgia, and Mississippi in a wholesale fish company, Master Marine. He then went back to New York to work in construction at The New Yorker and New Hope Farms. Terry then moved to Las Vegas to work at a Japanese restaurant and then to Los Angeles where he continued his work with Master Marine and then with True World Foods. In 1997, Terry was transferred to San Francisco and continued his work with True World Foods.

Terry was matched and got engaged to Kimie Ono in New York in 1987. They were Blessed in Marriage in 1989 by True Parents at the McCol Factory in Youngin, Korea. In 1993, Kimie joined Terry in Los Angeles, and on January 13, 1994, they welcomed their first son, Masazumi. They welcomed their second son, Toshiki on November 14, 1995. Terry and Kimie were in the Bay Area to welcome their third son, Kent on May 9, 1998. Terry was a dedicated father who did everything for his sons. Family was always very important to Terry and most of his life choices were for his sons. He was a hands-on dad who got involved with scouting when his three sons joined Cub Scouts in 2003.

Terry started out in Cub Scouts and then served as the Cub-master for four years in addition to holding other pack positions. He was instrumental in keeping the pack alive when it went through some difficult times. Terry also served as Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner that supported scout leaders in San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward and Fremont. Holding this position for several years, Terry always kept the meetings lively with activities. Even after he stepped down from that position, he continued to support the programs as a staff member.

Fully trained, including the highest adult leader rigorous training Wood Badge, Terry served as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 818. He trained the troop in compass and map reading, coordinated hiking, biking, and camping events, including a 3-day backpacking trip to Yosemite. He continued to be trained in various areas of scouting in order to better support the troop, including NRA Range Safety Officer and Handgun Instructor. Terry supported shooting sports events at the council level, offering his services at Venturing, Scouting, and church camps and events. Although English was not his first language, he expressed his passion for scouting confidently and enthusiastically. Terry was well respected and was awarded the District Award of Merit in 2012.

Terry was inspired by the great outdoors and made it his mission when he created the Outdoor Ministry. He made consistent effort to coordinate and plan monthly hiking trips. Every Sunday, Terry set up his display in the church lobby to invite everyone to go hiking. He would joyfully share his knowledge about the beautiful local hiking trails, flowers, and birds. Terry seriously planned great hiking trips, and he and Kimie would regularly visit hiking areas to pre-plan the best trails and parks that were suitable for families and children of all ages. His love of nature inspired and encouraged others to hike, experience, and appreciate the beauty the Bay Area has to offer.

Terry truly embraced the American way of life. He was patriotic and valued the freedoms that America has to offer. He appreciated the generosity of Americans, and he embodied that spirit. He embraced American ideals such as hard work, family values, equality, and independence. Terry worked hard and taught himself English. His English language skills were excellent and he often encouraged others to improve their own language skills. Although, Terry was born in Japan, he adopted this country as his own and he clearly treasured both cultures.

Terry was a dedicated and religious man, who loved God and his church. He carried a Divine Principle and a Bible with him wherever he went, was very prayerful, and did regular prayer and study conditions. He loved God, True Parents, the Bible and the Divine Principle with all his heart and soul. Terry was a very encouraging and positive person, even when he had his own challenges. He was a humble man who expressed gratitude easily. Terry was a very warm, open and approachable person who was well liked and well respected by all who knew him.

Terry is survived by his wife Kimie, and three sons, Masazumi, Toshiki, and Kent, as well as his father Yukimasa, who is 86 and lives in Japan. He is also survived by other extended family members including his cousin, Akihito Watanabe, who has come from Japan for Terry’s service.

Terry Watanabe was a kind, caring, uplifting person who has touched the lives of many, young and old, and he will be missed by all who had the honor and privilege to know him.

Seonghwa Ceremony

The Seonghwa Service will take place on Wednesday, October 26, at 7:30 PM at the Bay Area Family Church
2305 Washington Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577

Won Jeon Ceremony

The burial will take place on Thursday, October 27, at 10:00 AM at Lone Tree Cemetery
24591 Fairview Avenue, Hayward, CA 94542

Seonghwa Ceremony

7:30 PM
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Bay Area Family Church: 2305 Washington Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577

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  • Penny Frisk


    Dear Family, I am very sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and calm and many blessings be with you. I pray for a smooth transition for Terry. He contributed so much to make this world better.


  • Mrs. C. Nakai


    Terry sounded like a wonderful person who never did harm to anybody. We are sorry
    for the family’s loss and pray for his ascension.


  • Peter A Freund


    Dear family: We did not know Terry but we appreciate his loyalty to True Parents and HF. We wish him a smooth ascension and to start a new chapter in his life working alongside with
    True Father in spirit world. Peter, Kimiko and Mikiko


  • Jim Stinard


    My heart and prayers go out to Terry and his family. I never had the good fortune to know him, but his photo shows that he is a warm person with a radiant spirit. I pray that he has a smooth transition to the spiritual realms.


  • John King


    Though I only had the privilege of working with Terry for a short time I was always impressed by his award-winning smile and positive attitude. I wish that I had the opportunity to know him as a family man and community leader. To Kimie and the boys please take some comfort in knowing that your husband and father was and is well loved.


  • Mary Cordill


    My sincere love and prayers to Kimie and your sons, and prayers for Terry. It is very moving to know of his great love for his family and service to his community, I know he has impacted many and represented Heavenly Father’s love well. Thank you.


  • David Rosenblum


    A good friend of his said, “Terry gave his life to protect God’s property… he died a martyr for God and Our True Parents. He was protecting God’s property from satanic attack. God bless noble Terry Watanabe.


  • Grace Davin


    Such a wonderful brother. Doing so much to help and support others,especially young people, where it is needed the most. God bless and protect Terry’s family


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