In Memory of Seiko Yurechko(1953 - 2015)

individual picture
Seiko Yurechko
Birth Date
August 7, 1953
Blessing Date
August 25, 1992
Ascension Date
February 16, 2015  
Local Church
Clifton Family Church

Following is a testimony by Manoj Jacob.

Seiko Kubota Yurechko was born on August 7, 1953 in the countryside of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She came from a family of farmers who lived on the same land for many generations. Growing rice and harvesting nori, they were always extremely busy, and Seiko, her older brother Yoshimi and her younger sister Hideko often had to prioritize helping the family over schoolwork.

Seiko was a thoughtful child and as she grew older, found that the traditional religious and spiritual beliefs of her family did not provide the answers she sought. This spurred her to start exploring other religions and philosophies at an early age. Not interested in a higher education, Seiko left her home right after graduating from high school at 18 to start working in Tokyo. She worked in the city and was devoted to her job, leading an otherwise glamorous life compared to that which she had known growing up on a farm. Still she was not satisfied with her life and continued to seek answers and her spiritual destiny.

Eventually, Seiko’s younger sister joined the Unification movement and witnessed to Seiko. She joined the church in 1987 and soon made herself indispensable.

In 1992, Seiko was in charge of a Tanyama Family Church center on the outskirts of Kagoshima in southern Kyushu. She attended the 30,000 Couple’s Marriage Blessing in Seoul, Korea after asking the senior pastor and True Parents to suggest a match for her at this Marriage Blessing. She had hopes of starting her family.

After their Marriage Blessing, Michael and Seiko lived in the center in Tanyama together. Their days were filled with meeting new friends and working with other church members. Michael taught English and Seiko counseled, typically starting their day at 5:00 am and ending the day with tea and a late night meeting with friends and their family members.

Together they started a hiking club that became very popular as they focused on the stimulation and comradery that the creation inspires. Seiko’s character and peaceful nature allowed her to make many friends and in this way, she demonstrated her devotion and spirit of attendance as she introduced many people to True Parents and the Marriage Blessing.

Seiko was loved by many people because she was good at listening and giving counsel based on her principled, loyal and caring heart. It was not unusual to find her either praying or reading Cheon Il Guk Holy Scriptures out loud to help people in spirit world.

People who came to know Seiko were inevitably inspired by her kindness and willingness to sacrifice her time and resources to comfort God’s heart through her own heart of true love and attendance.

She is survived by her husband Michael and daughter Nin, who both continue to be the recipients of her caring heart. We who know and love her have no doubt that she will continue to work for the benefit of her brothers and sisters until we are all home again, and the heart of our Heavenly Parent can finally rest and know joy and peace.

Seonghwa Ceremony Information

The Viewing Ceremony will be held at the Clifton Family Church on Thursday, February 19, at 7:00 p.m.
The Seonghwa Ceremony will be held at the Clifton Family Church on Friday, February 20, at 9:00 a.m.

If you would like to send flowers or donations, please send to the Clifton Family Church at 78 DeMott Ave., Clifton, New Jersey 07011

Seonghwa Ceremony

9 a.m. (EST)
Clifton Family Church at 78 DeMott Ave., Clifton, New Jersey 07011
Clifton Family Church on Thursday, February 19, at 7:00 p.m.