In Memory of Raquel Chibuisi(1955 - 2016)

individual picture
Raquel Chibuisi
Theophilus Chibuisi
Tobe Chibuisi
Birth Date
October 16, 1955
Ascension Date
February 17, 2016  

After a two-year- long battle against cancer, Raquel Theresa Chibuisi passed to the spirit world at 9:32 a.m., Wednesday, February 17, at Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, in the presence of her beloved husband.

Though she will truly be missed, it is an occasion to remember and celebrate her exemplary life. Raquel was born in Lima, Perú on October 16, 1955. She was born fourth of six children in the Valencia family, to very hard-working and loving parents who sacrificed their entire lives for their children. Following the example of her parents, Raquel worked hard after finishing school to help and support her family.

Raquel met the Unification Church in 1990 in Lima. The Divine Principle inspired her to work with even more conviction for a larger family, her own nation and the world. Soon after hearing the lectures, she decided to dedicate herself for God, True Parents and the Providence of Restoration. She became a full-time member and began her spiritual course. She was always a champion fundraiser, but she had an even stronger desire and determination to share the Divine Principle with her own relatives, friends, ministers and anyone she met daily. Characteristically, she shared her faith with the doctors and nurses who cared for her during the past two years of her life. After almost two years of raising funds for the providence in Peru, she was selected to serve as a missionary to the United States, where she dedicated wholeheartedly to the support of her own country and the providence in America.

Raquel was blessed in 1992 with Theophilus Chibuisi, a wonderful brother from Nigeria. Their family was completed nine years later with the arrival of Tobe, their beloved son. Raquel joined the Unification Movement when her country was going through a difficult time. Those who had the opportunity to see her in action-often working, traveling, and even overcoming dangerous circumstances-can testify to her incredible faith. Many who know her in the US and internationally, can also witness to her great achievements in her missions and in her personal relations. She had a very innocent, simple heart and always had a fun-loving, positive attitude. Raquel cared deeply for her friends and family, and would do anything to help them. She would most want to be remembered by us with a smile on our faces.

We will always remember her positive attitude, compassion, generosity, and love for life. Today we don’t say goodbye, because we will keep her present in our hearts forever. We will always remember Raquel and the time we spent together with her. We are honored to call her our sister in these wonderful times when our Heavenly Parent and True Parents are restoring our Original Homeland here on earth and in the world of eternity. Raquel Chibuisi leaves a beautiful and simple, yet profound legacy of sincere and genuine love.

The Chibuisi Family expresses their deep gratitude for your prayers and support. The family can be reached at


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Seonghwa Ceremony

9 a.m EST
Tuesday, February 23
Clifton Family Church, 78 DeMott Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011
Monday, February 22, 7 - 9 p.m.

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