In Memory of Paul Werner(1927 - 2008)

individual picture
Paul Werner
Christel Werner
Birth Date
September 13, 1927
Blessing Date
March 28, 1969
Ascension Date
July 4, 2008  
Local Church
Northern Virginia Family Church

Paul suffered his first massive heart attack in Feb. 1994 and had been hospitalized many times due to major and minor heart attacks ever since. After his long illness Paul ascended peacefully on July 04, 2008 (Independence Day) at a Hospice in Northern Virginia, surrounded by his family. He had almost reached his 81. birthday.

Paul was born on Sept. 13, 1927 in Labes, Pommern (Pomerania), in Eastern Germany as the ninth child of eleven children. During the war Paul was drafted at the age of 17 and experienced the horrors of the war as a teenager incl. the destruction of the beautiful city of Dresden with its cultural treasures. After he was taken Prisoner of War in the spring of 1945 he was forced to work in the coal mines of Northern France as a P.O.W. for almost 4 years.

In the meantime his family in East Germany became refugees but fortunately managed to reach West Germany, escaping the Communist Regime just in time before the border to the West was completely sealed off. When Paul was released from France at the end of 1948, long after the war had ended, he located his parents via the Red Cross and was reunited with them in West-Germany.

Paul met his wife, Christel, in Duisburg, West Germany in 1950 in a church youth-group, and they were married in 1951. At that time a spirit of longing for the imminent return of Christ was prevalent in all churches in Germany, and it was the topic of discussions in their youth group and at home as well.

Their first son, Klaus, was born in 1952. When Klaus was 8 months old, we decided to immigrate to Canada, crossing the Atlantic from Bremerhaven to Quebec City on board the M/S Columbia for 3 weeks.

Sadly we lost our second son, Siegfried, shortly after birth in 1955 in Canada.

Joining the Unification Church and Our Missions

The Werner Family, Paul, Christel and Klaus Werner, met the Unification Church in Sacramento, California and joined Aug. 11, 1963 after a weekend workshop conducted by Miss Kim (as we called her at that time).

As part of the early members in the USA under the leadership of Dr. Young Oon Kim we took part in various church activities in San Francisco, proclaiming the Return of Christ openly on Market Street and in Union Square, a kind of “Speaker’s Corner” at that time.

On April 1, 1964 we left Sacramento in our VW-Bus with our dear sister Elke Klawiter (van der Stok), drove across the US to New York and visited one church in each State along the way where Paul read parts of the Divine Principle out loud from the pulpit. This was the first contact with the Divine Principle for the residents in those States. In New York we boarded the M/S Berlin and arrived in Bremerhaven on May 8, 1964. As soon as our VW-Bus was unloaded we were on our way to Frankfurt to start our new mission.

In May 1964, before settling in Wiesbaden, our new mission field, we travelled to 7 European Nations in our VW-Bus and deposited Divine Principle Books (The Blue Book by Dr. Young Oon Kim) in the main cathedrals of their Capital Cities.

May 1964 – May 18, 1965

Missionary in Wiesbaden, Germany.

May 18, 1965 – May 18, 1969

Pioneer and National leader, Austria

After being engaged in missionary work in Wiesbaden, Germany for one year, Paul left for Austria as the first Missionary from Germany, to start his new mission as a pioneer to “Restore this Nation” (Paul’s Motto), on May 18, 1965. Christel and Klaus joined him 2 years later. Within 4 years, from May 18, 1965 to May 18, 1969 we laid a solid foundation in our first Mission Country, spiritually as well as physically, incl. the establishment of a nursery school to support the mission financially and also to build a good foundation for the acceptance of our movement in society.

July 26, -Aug. 22, 1965 True Fathers First World Tour (Europe)

When Father visited Germany on His first World Tour in 1965 to bless Holy Grounds, Paul drove Father and his party thru Europe in July and August 1965 in our VW-Bus. At the Airport in Rome, just prior to his departure, Father pulled a small family photo out of his wallet and signed it on the back: “To the Paul Werner Family” with his signature and date: Aug. 22, 1965. We’ll always cherish this treasure.

On March 28, 1969 we received the Holy Blessing by True Parents in Essen, Germany, part of the 43 Couples’ Blessing internationally.

May 11, 1969- Dec. 03, 1977

National Leader, Germany

On March 26, 1969, two days before our Marriage Blessing Ceremony on March 28, 1969, Father changed our mission to National Leader of Germany. Thru total investment and many difficult conditions a rapid development of the small German movement took place. As a result we were able to send out 330 German members to the US for the “Day of Hope Campaigns” as well as Foreign Missionaries around the world in 1973-1975.

In 1972 we bought our first Training Center, the Neumuehle in Camberg, and in 1975 our second Training Center for the Southern Region, “Regelsmuehle” in Bavaria was bought. In 1976 we bought our H.Q. in Frankfurt, Feldbergstrasse, located in the well-known “Westend – Section of the city” near the beautiful park, the “Palmengarten”.

In 1975 our “Import/Export” business was greatly expanded and was moved from Camberg to Walldorf, our official business-center where we also operated a modern print shop for our publications. When Father ordered Paul to publish a weekly German newspaper in 1976, “Der Report” was produced in our business center in Walldorf as well.

In 1975 and 1976 we opened Ginseng stores in three different cities: Frankfurt; Duesseldorf and Dortmund.

When Father ordered all European Nations in 1976 to acquire at least one fishing vessel each, Paul started the process right after our return and bought 2 boats, the “Neue Hoffnung” (New Hope) in 1976 and the “Phoenix” in 1977. During that time period we also bought two touring buses to transport our members to Bremerhaven to take part in fishing trips on the North Sea.

At that time we also intensified our CARP-Activities at the universities in Frankfurt, Berlin, Heidelberg etc. where our members were physically attacked by communist students and could only hold meetings at the universities under police protection. It was a very dangerous period for us personally as well as we received many life threatening phone calls. All in all it was a very intense time of great developments in our mission in Germany.

From 1973 – 1975 we, together with our German Team of 70 members, actively participated in the “Day of Hope Campaigns” around the USA (21-city tour; 32-city tour; 8-city tour), and then served as Regional Director for the West Coast, where we bought several real estate properties for our movement in Southern California: Huntington Drive in L.A.; the Mansion in Pasadena and Camp Mozumdar in the San Bernardino Mountains. Especially our activities in and around Los Angeles were very successful. True Parents were always happy to visit Pasadena House on their way to Korea and as a stopover on their return from Korea to the US before travelling back to East Garden, and named it “West Garden”.

Together with our Team we were privileged to serve our True Parents in the preparations for the events in “Madison Square Garden” on Sept. 18, 1974, “Yankee Stadium June” 01, 1976 as well as “Washington Monument” Sept. 18, 1976, where Paul was actively involved in the organization of the events. At the “Madison Square Garden” rally we attended True Father personally in his dressing room and witnessed His intense battle in prayer for the success of the event, an incredibly deep emotional experience.

On June 7, 1975 we were invited by True Parents to attend the “Rally for Korean Freedom” at Yoido Island in Seoul, where Paul was chosen to address an audience of 1,2 Mill.

After the conclusion of the Day of Hope Campaigns Father sent us back to Europe on July 7th. 1975 after treating us to a “Farewell-Dinner” at the “Lotus Eaters”, True Parents’ favorite Chinese Restaurant in New York. At the restaurant Father wrote on a box of fortune cookies, supplied by the restaurant:

“May God bless Germany, which is the center of Europe.

March forward toward Heaven of Happiness.” New York, 07.07.1975 (Translation by Dr. Bo Hi Pak)

On July 08.1975 we returned to Germany and resumed our mission which again was blessed with great success.

Dec. 11, 1977 – Sept. 01, 1983

Shipbuilding (Master Marine) & Seafood Industries (IOE International Oceanic Enterprises) in Bayou La Batre, Alabama; Moss Point, Mississippi; Norfolk, Virginia & Gloucester, Massachusetts.

During the ICUS-Conference in San Francisco on Nov. 27, 1977 Father decided to change our mission to develop the Shipbuilding- and Seafood Industries in Bayou La Batre (near Mobile), Alabama and in Mississippi. A little later Father also included the responsibility for the Norfolk Virginia and Gloucester, Massachusetts operations as well in our mission. Within days after returning from San Francisco we left the bustling activities and developments in Germany on Dec. 04, 1977 for this sleepy little fishing village, called Bayou La Batre, at the Gulf of Mexico, population 2,500, surrounded by nothing but jungle and a muddy shoreline of 700 acres which Father had bought, in a subtropical climate. It was a shock, to be sure, but Paul was determined to do his best as always to fulfill Father’s wish to build “an Empire” as Father called it, literally from scratch. “Master Marine” is still operating successfully today under the capable leadership of our dear brother Randy Orr.

1980 and 1981 World Tuna Tournaments

In 1979 Father initiated the “World Tuna Tournaments” in Gloucester Massachusetts and appointed Paul Chairman. Naturally Paul was also responsible to supply the substantial amounts of prize-money for both tournaments. The first World Tuna Tournament took place in 1980 and the second in 1981. Both tournaments were very successful.

Sept. 01, 1983 – Dec. 20, 1988

On Sept. 01, 1983 Father appointed us National Leader to Canada. The dramatic climate change we experienced was comparable with the one from the Equator to the North Pol. Canada is a land of great natural beauty and our members there supported our activities wholeheartedly from coast to coast, incl. running the elk-farm in Clearstone, Ont.

On May 29, 1988 we were blessed with our third son, Jin Hi, a priceless gift from Heaven.

Dec. 20, 1988 – Oct. 05, 1989

Father appointed Paul IW for Oceania, incl. Australia, New Zealand and all the islands in the South Pacific, some of them just little dots on the map. For the first time ever I could not join Paul, as our son, Jin Hi, was just a baby. All I could do was to follow the dots on the world map while praying for Paul and his mission.

Oct. 05, 1989 – July 1, 1992

Father had us return to Germany and designated Paul President of the Machine Tool Company “Gebrueder Honsberg” in Remscheid, Germany.

July 1, 1992

Paul was appointed Vice President and Managing Director for UTI and HWH, our Machine- Tool Industries in Giessen, Germany, as well as for SAEILO, Europe.

Feb. 8, 1994

Paul suffered his first massive heart attack and had been battling his health problems ever since.

Aug. 01, – Sept. 11, 1996

Despite his poor health, Paul and I participated in the 40-day “National Messiah” Workshop at Cheong Pyeong Lake and were assigned National Messiahs for Burundi, Africa, a very difficult mission, even for a healthy person. Paul visited Burundi many times, an act of faith every time on account of his health problems, the first time on board an UN-Plane, as no commercial airline offered services to this dangerous destination. Paul and our brother, Joel Ader of France, even suffered imprisonment near Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi, during the civil war there, as they ventured outside the city limits, but Heavenly Father protected their lives.

Sept. 8, – Oct. 18, 1998

Paul participated in the very demanding 40-day fishing workshop in Kodiak, Alaska, obtaining his Captain’s License from the Coast Guard. At 71 years of age and in poor health this was quite an accomplishment on Paul’s part. To Paul’s surprise, as he expected to be chastised by Father once again, Father honored him with the words: “Paul, I am very proud of you. You are No. 1”

At that occasion Father also asked Paul: “How old are you?” Paul had just turned 71 in September and Father said: “Huh, go to Spirit World” and added, laughing wholeheartedly: “But don’t go before I go”.

June 26, – Aug, 05, 1999

Paul, Christel and Jin Hi attended the 40-day family-workshop in Jardim, Brazil.

Feb. 20, – March 30, 2000

Paul attended the physically very demanding 40-day fishing workshop for National Messiahs in the Pantanal, Brazil, even though his cardiologist adamantly advised against the venture, expressing his concern, that he might not be able to return alive. Yet Paul defied all odds saying, as long as Father is alive I am not to go to Spirit World. But in the end his physical body didn’t obey his spirit quite long enough.

June 03, – June 24, 2000

Paul attended the 21-Day National Messiah Workshop in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Jan. 09, – Jan. 16, 2002 Paul attended the 8-day Workshop for Blessed Husbands at CPL. TRC.

Jan. 25, – Feb. 04, 2002

Paul was called to attend a 10-Day Workshop with True Parents in Kona, Hawaii. Father sent Paul out fishing with all the other participants with the words “Paul, you go out too, and if you die, I’ll perform your Seong Hwa personally.” Paul was very happy about that and out onto the ocean he went. For the first time ever he got terribly seasick while fishing, but he survived; hence no Seong Hwa by Father.

Feb. 14, 2002-Feb. 19, 2002 Paul attended the 5-day Workshop for Peace Ambassadors at

Cheong Pyeong Lake.

July 4, 2008 (Independence Day)

Amidst all the fireworks outside Paul ascended peacefully at a hospice in Fairfax, Virginia, after battling his serious heart condition for so many years. He never looked for recognition and just unconditionally concentrated on his mission, wherever he was sent by Father. But when Father recognized him after his ascension with the words: “Congratulations for a victorious life” it must have made him very happy. Even before his ascension he was looking forward to working with Father in Spirit World some day in the future.

Timeline of Paul’s Life and Missions

  1. Paul was born on Sept. 13, 1927 in Labes, Pommern (Pomerania), in Eastern Germany.
  2. The Werner Family joined the Unification Movement on Sept. 11, 1963 after a weekend workshop by Dr. Young Oon Kim in Sacramento, Ca.
  3. We took part in various church activities in Sacramento and San Francisco in 1963 & 1964.
  4. On April 1, 1964 we left Sacramento in our VW-Bus for New York, where we boarded the S/S Berlin to Bremerhaven, Germany.
  5. May 1964-May 18, 1965 Missionaries in Wiesbaden, Germany.
  6. May 18, 1965-May 18, 1969 Pioneer and National Leader, Austria.
  7. March 28, 1969 Holy Marriage Blessing in Essen, Germany as part of the 43 Couples’ Blessing.
  8. May 11, 1969-Dec. 03, 1977 National Leader, Germany.
  9. From 1973-1975 we, together with the 70 members of our German IOWC-Team, participated in the “Day of Hope” Campaigns during our True Parents’ “21-City Tour”; 32-City-Tour and the 8-City Tour and.
  10. In 1975 we served as Regional Director for the West Coast and bought the Huntington Drive Property in Los Angeles; the Mansion in Pasadena and Camp Mozumdar in the San Bernardino Mountains.
  11. We were also privileged to serve our True Parents in the preparations for the “Madison Square Garden Rally” on Sept. 18, 1974; the “Yankee Stadium Rally” on June 1, 1976 and the “Washington Monument Rally” on Sept. 18, 1976, where Paul was actively engaged in the organization of the events.
  12. On June 7, 1975 we were invited by True Parents to attend the “Rally for Korean Freedom” at Yoido Island in Seoul, where Paul was chosen to address the audience of 1,2 Mill.
  13. After the conclusion of the “Day of Hope” campaigns True Father sent us back to Europe on July 7, 1975 to resume our mission in Germany.
  14. Dec. 4, 1977-Sept. 1, 1983 development of the Shipbuilding- & Seafood Industries (Master Marine & International Oceanic Enterprises IOE) in Bayou La Batre, Alabama; Moss Point Mississippi; Norfolk, Virginia and Gloucester Massachusetts.
  15. 1980 & 1981 Chairman of the World Tuna Tournaments in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
  16. Sept 1, 1983-Dec. 20, 1988 National Leader of Canada.
  17. Dec. 20, 1988-Oct. 5, 1989 IW for Oceania, incl. Australia & New Zealand.
  18. Oct. 5, 1989-July 1, 1992 President of Machine Tool company “Gebrueder Honsberg”, Remscheid, Germany.
  19. July 1, 1992-1994 Vice President & Managing Director of UTI, Our Machine Tool Industry in Giessen, Germany as well as Saeilo, Europe.
  20. Feb. 8, 1994 Paul suffered his first massive heart attack and had been in poor health ever since.
  21. Aug. 1, 1996-Sept. 11, 1996 we attended the National Messiah Workshop at Cheong Pyeong Lake Training Center and were assigned National Messiahs for Burundi, Africa, a very difficult mission.
  22. Sept. 8, 1998-Oct. 18, 1998 40-day Fishing Workshop in Kodiak, Alaska.
  23. June 26, 1999-Aug. 5, 1999 40-day Family workshop in Jardim, Brazil.
  24. Feb. 20, 2000-March 30, 2000 40-day NM. Fishing Workshop, Pantanal, Brazil.
  25. June 3, 2000-June 24, 2000 21-day National Messiah Workshop in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  26. Jan. 9, 2002-Jan. 16, 2002 8-day Workshop for Blessed Husbands at CPL.
  27. Jan. 25, 2002-Feb. 4, 2002 10-day Workshop with True Parents in Kona, Hawaii.
  28. Feb. 14. 2002-19, 2002 5-day Workshop for Peace Ambassadors at CPL.
  29. July 4, 2008 (Independence Day) Paul ascended.

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  • Lynn Dutertre


    Bravo to Paul and Christel.


  • Alice Boutte


    What amazing lives and strong spirits both Paul and Christel had. My husband, Thomas worked under Paul for awhile here in the U.S. and never forgot him. I’m sure Father is happy to be with him in SW now.


  • Denis Desjardins


    Thanks Paul for your incredible and amazing life and the many good experiences I had with you when you were in Canada.


  • Gary Abrahams


    Such an incredible life for this incredible family. I was extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Paul and Cristel several times. All are very fond memories which will be renewed when we gather together in the spirit world to share our love for one another.

    My deepest gratitude to the Werners is for my wife, Friederun, who was an early member in Germany who was able to attend our True Parent’s as one of the 70 Germans who came to America to support TP’s speaking campaigns. As a young member I first met Friederun on the streets of NYC while she was selling tickets to Father’s Carnegie Hall “Day of Hope” speech.

    So many experiences with the Werners. One of my highlights was watching Paul Werner coordinate the security of the German team at the Paris Hotel and watching him direct all the members out the door and into their vans for a day of leafletting for the Madison Square Garden….”New Future of Chistianity” speech.

    In the S.W. we will need all of eternity to share our experiences together on earth and then create new experiences. I will be very curious to find out Paul’s great mission with Father in the S.W. I am confident that it mirrors his missions on the earth.

    Another commonality, among many, is that I was assigned to go to Paul’s country of Burundi for 40 days. While there I was not arrested, but I was detained by Burundi’s version of the CIA as I tried to visit our members in nearby Zaire(now Congo). They requested that while in Bujumbura I stay out of the “neighborhoods” where the UC was. I declined and explained that I preferred to live with my “brothers and sisters”. They assigned me a ‘guide’ with a moped who picked me up each morning. I caused a great ruckus as I left the ‘neighborhood” as the only “mizungu”(white man).

    Many blessings to Paul and his “new mission’ and his family on the earth. I was blessed to be able to talk to Christel at Father’s Seung Wha in CP.




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