In Memory of Monica Ishioka(1954 - 2019)

individual picture
Monica Ishioka
Mitshi, Diego, Mitsuaki
Birth Date
December 12, 1954
Blessing Date
January 12, 1989
Ascension Date
November 13, 2019  

Monica joined the Unification Movement in Argentina in December of 1980. She was witnessed to by a Korean missionary. In the Summer of 1981, she went to New York for an international 40-day workshop. She became a leader in Mar De Plata in 1983. In January 1984, she attended Heung Jin Nim’s Seong Hwa in Korea and stayed there for six months doing VOC activities. In 1987, she participated in the 120-day Leaders’ Workshop in New York and received the matching during that time. She received the Marriage Blessing on January 12, 1989.

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