In Memory of Merlinda Fournier( - 2015)

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Merlinda Fournier
Ascension Date
February 1, 2015  

Merlinda Skow Fournier passed into the Spiritual World on February 1, 2015, at age 66. Due to many unfortunate circumstances this was not discovered by her spiritual family until January 8, 2016.

Merlinda joined the Unification Church in 1970 in California. She participated on the Southern One World Crusade (OWC) team and pioneered the Unification movement in Alabama and later in Mankato, Minnesota. She received the Marriage Blessing in 1975 with Lou Fournier as part of the 1800 couples.

She was one of the first missionaries to Sri Lanka, and stayed there for one year before the communist take-over.

In 1980, she returned to America to join her husband in New York. She later moved with her son to California to care for her aging parents and disabled younger sister. Merlinda is survived by her son, Coby, and sister, Teri, as well as numerous spiritual family members across the United States and abroad.

Seonghwa Ceremony


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  • Gloria Frothingham


    Merlinda and I were friends but lost contact after she moved to Chico Ca. Highest of heights
    in the Spirit World dear friend. Gloria greet my husband Marshall for me.


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