In Memory of Li-Chuan Chang(1934 - 2016)

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Li-Chuan Chang
Ching Ching Chang
Birth Date
March 29, 1934
Blessing Date
October 14, 1982
Ascension Date
September 20, 2016  
Local Church
Bay Area Family Church

Mrs. Li-Chuan Chang made the transition to the spiritual world around 9:20pm on Sep 20th, 2016 in Fremont, California, where she has been living with her sons. We humbly and sincerely ask everyone to keep her in your prayer at this important time as she returns to our Heavenly Parent, meets True Father and enters into a brand new world.

The Seonghwa Ceremony was held at 1pm on September 24, 2016, conducted by Rev. Kevin Thompson, District Pastor of Northern California. Mr. Tuo-Huan Chen, a spiritual child of Mrs. Chang, offered an opening prayer, representing Unificationists in Taiwan. The Bay Area Family Church Nadeshko Choir offered beautiful songs, and Mrs. Chang’s oldest son, Chwen-Cher, gave a moving testimony of “Our Mom’s Story,” followed by a beautiful slideshow of her life.

Rev. Thompson gave the Seonghwa message, recognizing the amazing life of faith to God and True Parents of Mrs. Chang and her husband, Professor Ching-Ching Chang, who laid the foundation for the early mission work of our movement in Taiwan. Rev. Thompson also acknowledged the challenges faced by the children of Professor and Mrs. Chang, and thanked them for enduring. Mrs. Chang’s lifelong companion and eternal Blessed husband, Professor Chang, gave concluding remarks of thanks from the family.

Please find the following testimonies given by elder brothers, Mr. Chen Tuo Whan and Mr. Hwang Da Jin:

Mrs. Chang was witnessed by her own physical mother who heard the Divine Principle lectures from missionary Fuku Ta. Then Mrs. Chang joined the Unification movement together with her mother, but she also witnessed to her husband, Professor Chang. Her husband was doing research in America at the time, and after he returned back to Taiwan, he heard the Divine Principle lectures and joined the movement as well. All three of them could speak Japanese fluently. Together they all dedicated their time and energy to outreach and assisting church work after their jobs with great enthusiasm.

Mrs. Chang is the biggest supporter of her husband’s work with God’s Providence and various activities domestically and internationally. Due to a misunderstanding by the Taiwan government during the early years of the Unification movement in Taiwan, Professor Chang was forced to give up his teaching position and leave Taiwan University. This is when their children were still in school, studying and needed financial support. The media also reported about these incidents. Professor Chang’s name would be in the news often. Under all these difficulties, Mrs. Chang endured, overcame them and supported her husband entirely.

No matter what the external circumstances or internal hardships, she always tried her best to walk the path of following Heaven Parents’ will and the road of the Providence. Mrs. Chang’s mother, Grandma Lin, became a young widow and raised her only daughter by herself. Grandma Lin has a really pure mind and heart. Though she was a Christian at that time in Taiwan, as soon as she heard the Divine Principle, she followed the Messiah, our True Parents. She also was able to bring her own daughter and son-in-law to the movement. She raised her daughter to be a model mother and wife. Both the mother and the daughter are great mothers and the exemplary women of faith!

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Seonghwa Ceremony

1:00 PM
September 24, 2016
Chapel of the Chimes – Hayward, California

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  • John Hitchler


    God Bless Her – I wish I could of met her, Father – please take her stretched out hand and walk her into the Kingdom of your Love … Thank you all for sharing


  • Phillip and Sunghee Choi-Soaivan


    The life of Mrs Li-Chuan Chang’s life exemplifies total support, dedication, faith and tenacity clothed in a kind and caring spirit.

    Og Mansei!!!

    The Soaivan Family – NJ


  • Laura Taylor Hayashi


    prayers for blessed transition! thank you so much for those pioneering days, and modern days. And now, pioneering our places in the spiritual world. Prayers for you and your family during this transition


  • Danny Covone


    God blessing your hard work thank-you


  • Jean Gomis


    R.I.P Mrs Chang. Thanks for your hard work.


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