In Memory of Laura Nabetani(1961 - 2017)

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Laura Nabetani
Birth Date
March 11, 1961
Blessing Date
January 12, 1989
Ascension Date
August 1, 2017  
Local Church
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our beloved Sister, Laura Nabetani, of the Belvedere Family Church, ascended to the Spirit World on August 1, 2017. Laura has been part of the Belvedere community for many years, and has been instrumental in creating and developing the curricula for the Jacob House Sunday school, which she managed for over 20 years. She has been passionate about education and helped many young Unificationists in their studies. She has also taught and tutored True Children and True Grandchildren over the years. Laura has made a memorable contribution to our community using her love for children and her passion for helping others.

Laura is survived by her husband of 30 years Masanori, their daughter Miki, and her mother Betty.

Let us join together to support Laura's family, and pray for her victorious transition to a glorious new life in the spiritual world, and her settlement in Heaven with Heavenly Parent and True Father.

Following is Laura's biography from her family and friends.


​Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Regional Chairman

​Rev. Richard Buessing

Laura was born on March 11, 1961 to Betty Eaton and Bill Eaton as a second child after her brother David. Throughout Laura’s life, she always wished to help and give to others, not expecting much in return. “From the day she was born until she passed, she gave her heart to everything she did,” Mrs. Eaton shared.

Laura always loved children. Laura was a Girl Scout up through high school and later became a Girl Scout leader in her community. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education and Development from Pace University and went on to receive her Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.

In her first year of college, Laura joined CARP, thus beginning her life as a Unification Church member.

After she graduated, she worked at the Church nursery in California taking care of babies and toddlers of members in the field until 1990. After that she came to New York where she designed Sunday School curricula as well as English programs for all blessed children in the area. She created, developed and directed the Jacob House Sunday School in Tarrytown for 20 years. The school consisted of 120 children. During that time she trained many members to be capable Sunday school teachers. Laura had continued to dedicate herself behind the scenes mentoring her Sunday School staff, when her health situation finally required her to no longer be visibly present as before.

Laura did not just teach young Unificationist second generation, but she taught many of the children and all the grandchildren of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han. She was a beloved member of East Garden, where their family lived at the time.

Laura was matched to Masanori Nabetani on March 27, 1987 and were blessed on Jan. 12, 1989 as part of the 1,275 couple Blessing Group, and have been married for 30 years. They adopted a baby girl, Miki, on Aug. 22, 1997.

Laura’s activities from her life reflect how much she loved to help others and gave her whole heart in everything she did. She led her life in ways that brightened her peers and her loved ones lives. Over the past several years Laura’s health declined. Yet she never lost her sense of purpose and was always in good spirits. The community she loved and served was saddened by her health challenges, but heartened by her spirit of love and optimism as well as her tenacity to keep on fighting.

Due to medical complications she passed into the spiritual world on Aug. 1, 2017. Her Seonghwa ceremony was held with her family and the Belvedere community in attendance.