In Memory of Kyoko Pickell(1956 - 2014)

individual picture
Kyoko Pickell
Birth Date
February 3, 1956
Ascension Date
July 19, 2014  2:20am
Local Church
Pocono Family Church

Following is a testimony by Jamal Johnson.

It brings the community of Poconos, PA great joy to share the peaceful Holy Ascension of our sister, Kyoko Pickell. Our sister leaves behind on earth her husband, Robert, and her three children, Cheylene, Erbec, and Chai’me.

Kyoko was born in Japan to Korean immigrants residing in Japan. Robert and Kyoko received the Holy Marriage Blessing in 1982. Kyoko was diagnosed with cancer in July of 2013, and was brought home from her doctor’s care on Tuesday, July 15. She ascended at 2:20am on Saturday, July 19. During her final 3 days at home, she was visited by family and friends who sang songs, made peace, and shared prayers. Kyoko wanted no one to suffer, as she comforted all teary eyed visitors. She offered “Aju” to every prayer even though she could hardly speak. Our sister is with Heavenly Parent in front of the throne of glory filled with golden light that pierces all darkness. We are all uplifted by her testimony.

Seonghwa Ceremony

10:00am (EST)
Sanctuary Church: 889 Main St. Newfoundland, PA 18445
9:30am (EST)