In Memory of Kazue Barnes(1948 - 2015)

individual picture
Kazue Barnes
Bill Barnes
Walter, Caroline, George, Amy, Daniel
Birth Date
March 16, 1948
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
July 14, 2015  
Local Church
Kodiak Family Church
Our beloved sister, Kazue Barnes, has ascended to the spirit world on July 14 in Portland, Oregon after battling with Cancer. Kazue Barnes came to America in 1973 as one of the first 120 Japanese members. In 1979 she became one of the early members to join True Parents' work in Kodiak, Alaska. She is known as a generous and loving person; a longtime active and involved member in the Unificationist and the greater Kodiak communities. She is survived by her husband Bill and children Walter, Caroline, George, Amy and Daniel.

Let us support Kazue's family during this special and important time and pray for her victorious transition to a glorious new life in the spiritual world.

Following is a biography of Kazue Fukasaka Barnes and information of the Seonghwa ceremony.


​Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director

​Dr. Michael Balcomb

Kazue Fukasaka Barnes was born on March 16, 1948 in Numakuma, Japan. Her parents were Akira Fukasaka and Umeyo Kobayashi. She was the eldest of three children. Kazue loved growing up in the countryside, where she could play at the tide pool, go fishing and explore nature.  She studied English Literature in college.  She loved learning and teaching, which quickly led her to start up her own cram school for secondary students.

Kazue joined the Unification Church in the mid-70’s and moved to Kodiak, Alaska in late 1979 to become the first Japanese member to work for International Seafoods of Alaska, the fishing company begun by True Parents. Her role and influence in the development of the company and True Parents’ activities in Alaska have been pivotal for over 30 years.

Kazue’s ability to calmly bring unity among people from very different national cultures in the remoteness of Alaska enabled them to be transformed by both the beauty and potential of the North Pacific Rim.  Kazue was at first a Japanese translator in Kodiak, and used her experience as a school principal to teach people how to get along with each other.  In an industry filled with tough characters of fishermen and seafood industrialists, Kazue was able to convey True Parents’ vision of Alaska with much heart.

Her influence continued with the second generation of youth born in Kodiak as she became the first principal of the day care “Angel Garden” as named by True Parents. Angel Garden operated for several years providing a wonderful environment for children to develop and for parents to learn how to care for children as a community. Today, these fortunate youth are starting their own families.

Kazue and her husband Bill’s home in Kodiak was a wondrous place with animals in their back yard, games and neat projects inside for all the Kodiak kids to play. With their own five children in tow, Kazue and Bill would always aspire to go camping, tide pooling, clamming, canoeing, hiking and berry picking. Many of the Kodiak kids joined these outings, which they still fondly remember.

Kazue quickly became an invested and acclaimed member of the larger Kodiak Island community. She participated in several community events and encouraged her children to pursue arts, music and languages. Throughout her time in Kodiak, the Coast Guard, police, and local hospital often called upon her to help translate for Japanese visitors.  She taught Japanese language at Kodiak College and Kodiak High School for several years.  More recently, she worked as an ESL aide at the Kodiak Middle School until her retirement last year.  She inspired students and cherished her time with them. Kazue took her love of learning and teaching to the arts. She practiced and taught Tai Chi, and met many wonderful people along her journey. Kazue loved to create beautiful mosaic works of art, and has inspired many others to do the same.  In addition, she loved walking the trails of Ft. Abercrombie, Near Island, and Pillar Mountain, enjoying the scenery, wild flowers and the fresh Kodiak breeze.

Kazue’s life was always filled with joy, and she carried a smile with her everywhere she went. She took care of others unconditionally and loved to make others feel comfortable and cared for. She had such a strong spirit, that even in her pain, she would share gratitude and excitement about the world around her.  She will always be admired.  She will always be remembered.  She will always be loved. Kazue is survived by her loving family, her husband Bill of 33 years and children: Walter, Caroline, George, Amy and Daniel.

Seonghwa Ceremony

Her Seonghwa Celebration will be held at the Kodiak Family Church on Sunday, July 26, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Kodiak Family Church is located at 1936 Selief Ln., Kodiak, AK 99615

Seonghwa Ceremony

11 AM - 1 PM
Kodiak Family Church - 1936 Selief Ln., Kodiak, AK 99615

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  • Jorge Chamizo


    God give peace to all the family,and our sister rest joyful besides our beloved True Father and her family in the spirit world.


  • martin kampitch


    I’ve never met Kazue…but it seems that she lived a full life.God Bless you Kazue…continue to bring your love to others….I am sure you will surely be missed.


  • helen downey


    Thank you Kazue. You are a challenging person and are so good at finding a way to accommodate all the ups and downs of life. i wish you and your family ever expanding realms of love always.


  • Malinda Vogel


    She sounds like a wonderful and faithful sister. May God bless her and her family.


  • Richard Gene Ramras


    I first met Kazue around half a year after I met and joined the Church at the Hempstead, Long Island, Church in New York. I used to remark that her bright smiling face reminded me of the famous child star Shirley Temple. Her spiritual son Dale Roberts was one of my earliest close friends in the Church. When she was matched to my team leader in the Harmony/Rainbow family at 4 W. 43 St. (NHQ), Bill Barnes, I was ecstatic at what a wonderful couple they were! Although I never managed to stay in touch with them, I have wonderful memories of those days! I can feel her warm presence radiating True Love from the Heavenly Spiritual World even now as I type these words. I am so glad to read that she and Bill have a wonderful family of five sons and daughters who are blessing us all with their goodness and loveliness and lovingkindness! Thank you, Kazue and Bill and all your near and dear ones!


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