In Memory of John Cullen(1954 - 2018)

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John Cullen
Idris, Modge
Birth Date
September 10, 1954
Blessing Date
August 25, 1995
Ascension Date
July 9, 2018  

Our dear brother, John B. Cullen, ascended after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer on July 9, 2018 in Montefiore Hospital at Bronx NY.

John has been a part of our Unification Movement since 1973 and lived in Rockland County, NY in recent years after being a longtime member of the Long Island community.

He was born to Alice E. Cullen and John B. Cullen Sr. on Sept 10, 1954. John has now joined his wife, Cecilia A. Cullen in the spirit world. John and Cecilia received the Marriage Blessing in 1995 at Pasadena, CA. He had inherited two sons with their Marriage Blessing, Idris Daiz and Modge Daiz, who stayed with him after Cecilia’s passing.

John has read the Divine Principle over 235 times, using one of the Divine Principle books now encased at the Long Island Family Church in Hempstead, NY. He has lived most of his life in the New York and Connecticut area.

Throughout his many years in our movement, John was known to be a warm, caring soul. Always willing to help anyone in need. His friends and family will miss him, and cherish his precious memory.

Being from a Catholic background, there will also be a Catholic ceremony before the Seonghwa Ceremony at his wake.

John’s Seonghwa and Catholic service will take place on Sunday, July 15, 2018, at 2:00 PM in Connecticut at the Hoyt-Cognetta Funeral Home (5 East Wall St. Norwalk, CT 06851)

Seonghwa Ceremony

2:00 PM
Sunday, July 15, 2018
Hoyt-Cognetta Funeral Home: 5 East Wall St. Norwalk, CT 06851

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  • Tyler Hendricks


    I remember John as a warm-hearted, harmonious and cheerful brother. May his new life with Cecilia bring joy to heaven and earth.


  • Gunnard Johnston


    This brother, John Cullen, always exuded a calm, peaceful loving heart. May Heaven’s love embrace him with Cecilia forever.


  • Tom Corley


    John you read the DP so many times, I am sure you will be called on to teach in the Spirit World, may our Heavenly Parent embrace you in his loving arms.


  • Richard Gene Ramras


    John was like the son or spiritual son I never had, and since the day he walked into the Hempstead Center in January 1973 with his spiritual mother Lisette for the first time, he was my beloved younger brother. Like many amazing miraculous “coincidences” in our long friendship, the fact that his older brother Bernard was exactly one year older than me (Bernard’s birthday was January 23, 1946 and mine was January 23, 1947) seems part of the wonderful symmetry and perfect structure which only our beneficent Creator could completely fathom and explain. I’m so grateful that he and Cecilia could become the beautiful couple that they were destined to be. May all those who have known John and Cecilia be comforted for the trials they both faced before they entered the eternal world of the heart. What beautiful souls to have dwelt among us, full of love and grace! Thank you, Madz and Idris and all your near and dear ones! Thank you, John, for your many years of friendship and goodness and lovingkindness and heartistic purity! Thank you for going with Bob Moore and Denis Beltran and me to Cheongpyeong back in early 2003! Thank you for the excursions to Boston area and so many other places over the years! You are unforgettable!


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