In Memory of Isamu Haibara(1988 - 2018)

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Isamu Haibara
Birth Date
June 30, 1988
Ascension Date
August 25, 2018  

Isamu Yong David Haibara was born June 30, 1988. He was the eldest of three siblings. One of them didn’t survive more than a day after birth. The second was Talia. After she was born, they moved to Japan. She and Isamu were enrolled in a Christian school. Talia was only two years old!  Isamu held her hand and showed her where the restroom was. He learned to speak Japanese fluently and she found an egg in the schoolyard. To say the least, they flourished.

From birth, Isamu has been kind, gentle, and brave. When Talia was too young to do her hair or take care of herself, Isamu would dry her hair and floss her teeth. He was a gentle soul, with kind eyes. Many girls spoke about his kind, brown eyes. He would never hurt even a fly. Whenever Isamu and Talia would go out to eat, he would tip about 80% of the bill at the end of a meal. He never passed up a panhandler without handing them a few dollars. He always let people have their right away when driving. He went over and above to be kind. His name meant Brave. Whether he was on a rollercoaster or talking on the phone with someone when there were struggling, he showed strength and empathy. That takes courage.

Isamu had many interests and passions. When he was younger he wanted to be a graphic designer. He always had charcoals, markers, and a sketch pad. On family vacations, he spent time drawing aliens on skateboards and other out-of-this-world characters. Talia modeled after his passion for art and drawing and later studied art in college herself. At the same time, he loved skateboarding, playing guitar, music, and hanging out with his friends. Later in his life, Isamu loved working with his hands and seeing a good job done. He worked very hard for years as a journeyman carpenter. One of his best friends was a cat. Crackerjack, was his cat. And like his owner, Crackerjack was the king of love.

Isamu had his battles. He fought with drug addiction. His short, brilliant life ended on August 25, 2018. It is with great sadness we say goodbye. Though we say goodbye, Love is how we can keep Isamu alive. He will remain alive in our hearts and minds forever.

Isamu was a beloved son, a loving brother, a loyal friend and so much more. He has touched countless lives and has helped more people than we will ever know. To quote the movie “Coco”:

Remember me

Though I have to say goodbye

Remember me

Don’t let it make you cry

For ever if I’m far away

I hold you in my heart

I sing a secret song to you

Each night we are apart

Remember me

Though I have to travel far

Remember me

Each time you hear a sad guitar

Know that I’m with you

The only way that I can be

Until you’re in my arms again

Remember me


Go Fund Me ~ Isamu Haibara


Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 7:00 PM
St. Christopher: 20141 Detroit Rd. Rocky River, Ohio 44116


Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Calvary Lutheran Church ~ Perham: 619 3rd Avenue SW, Perham, MN 56573

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  • John Hitchler


    God Bless You Isamu, Father has said many times that it’s the heart and love that you have that will carry you in Spirit World. Ultimately Spirit World is the place where we breath love and sense heart. These we learn here, it sounds to me that you learned a lot. Blessings to you Isamu Haibara


  • Debra Bruce


    Blessed son of God…soar now to our beloved God…I loved to hear your story….our prayers go with you


  • Gunnard Z. Johnston, Jr


    May Heaven’s love embrace you and all your family until you meet again. Godspeed.


  • Ela Izabela Byrne


    He is truly God’s son with all the gualities of the Father in Heaven May his spiritual journey can be as interesting as his life on earth May HP embrace his parents and beloved sister at this sorrowful time From JinJoo’s Byrne Parents .JinJoo descended to sp world sixteen years ago on Aug 28. At the age of 18 😇❤️🙏


  • Lois Carlson


    Sometimes it seems the world is too complicated and harsh for these gentle souls. It is like their souls refuse to conform or create such a strong defended personality to protect their hearts in order to survive in this hellish physical world. So they don’t and, therefore, suffer much daily. The only defense they allow is loving others with their beautiful smiles. I have a son like that who is now with True Father in Heavenly Parent’s loving arms waiting for me to join him. The separation is the most difficult. But because of True Parents’s victory, death is no more, and we will walked together again face to face as mother and son, as a family for eternity. I am so sorry for the pain you are now feeling. My husband and I are praying for your family daily.


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