In Memory of Harue McCracken(1951 - 2017)

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Harue McCracken
Birth Date
February 3, 1951
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
August 31, 2017  
Local Church
Minneapolis Family Church
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our beloved Sister, Harue McCracken, of the Minneapolis Family Church, ascended to the Spirit World on Thursday, August 31, surrounded by her loving family after a courageous battle with cancer. Harue came to America showing her love and devotion to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, using her exceptional talent, and worked as one of the stellar accountants in the US. She has been a loving and dedicated wife, mother, and then grandmother, and a devoted friend. Despite her personal suffering, Harue maintained a positive and loving attitude, inspiring her family and friends, who will remember and cherish her.

Harue is survived by her husband Phillip, daughter Haruko, and grandchildren, Drake, Violet and Issac.

Let us join together to support Harue's family, and pray for her victorious transition to a glorious new life in the spiritual world, and her settlement in Heaven with Heavenly Parent True Father.

Following is Harue's biography and information about her Seonghwa ceremony from her family and District 8 and Minneapolis Pastor, Rev. Hyungtae Ha.


​Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Regional Chairman

​​Rev. Richard Buessing
family and friends

On August 31, 2017 we are celebrating the life of Harue Hosono McCracken. She was born in the beautiful city of Nagoya, Japan on February 3, 1951. She recently visited Japan with her daughter Haruko and remembered how beautiful it was in Japan, and it’s still beautiful.As a child, Harue was gifted with intelligence and reached a second place in an Abacus competition in Japan. With her gift, she was given an opportunity to serve our community and True Parents by coming to the U.S. and being a personal assistant to Mr. Kamiyama. She was one of the most prized accountants and her skill and dedication was unmatched during that time. Even toward the end of her life, she was extremely sharp and her family would use her as their personal calculator.Her childhood memories were full of joy and she often reminisced about growing up with her grandmother. She also spoke often about her fond memories of helping her father with his garden and work. She had an absolute dedication to her family, both in Japan and her new family here in the states. During her last visits to Japan she was able to mend and heal any disconnect between her siblings.

Harue was blessed to her husband Phillip in 1982 at the 2075 Couple’s Blessing at Madison Square Garden. They were matched by father in the New Yorker at the Grand ballroom and Phillip fell immediately in love. Phillip has stated she was loyal and always dedicated to her family. She always worked to provide and support her husband financially and spiritually.

She was one of the most inspiring people that a family could have. Diagnosed and living with cancer for five years, Harue never had a sour attitude and always had an infectious smile. She never complained about suffering or life not being fair, but fought at every turn. She underwent multiple surgeries and exhausted all chemotherapy sessions. Through all of this, she still had an unwavering commitment to live.

She blessed her immediate family and her grandchildren with her presence at the end of her days, living in the town of Rogers, MN. She truly loved her grandchildren. She would pick raspberries and work in the garden with them. She loved to watch Isaac, her youngest grandchild, grow from birth till a one-year old mature and developed. She often sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful scenery and laughed along with her daughter, Ken, Phillip, and the grandchildren.

Harue-San was lucky to have her best friend come to visit prior to her passing, and it is evident that she waited to pass until she had said her goodbyes. Harue left our world seconds after her grandchildren told her they loved her and said goodbye. Her hardship and suffering has passed and she undoubtedly passed while surrounded by her loved ones.

We are so lucky to have known and lived with a person that displayed an absolute dedication and love for her family, friends and God.

Harue is survived by her husband Phillip; their daughter Haruko; and three grandchildren, Drake, Violet and Issac.

Seonghwa Ceremony

The Seonghwa Ceremony for Harue McCracken will take place on Sunday, September 3, at 11:30 a.m. at the Minneapolis Family Church at 3550 Lexington Ave. N, Suite 300, Shoreview, MN 55126.

Seonghwa Ceremony

11:30 AM
Sunday, September 3, 2017
Minneapolis Family Church: 3550 Lexington Ave. N, Suite 300, Shoreview, MN 55126

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  • Jean Gomis


    My sincere sympathy to the McCracken Family. Harue will be missed.


  • Ray Martin


    Phil and family,
    I was very sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved Harue-san. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you all. I’m sending special loving thoughts to Harue-san. I know she lived an exemplary life of love for God and others.
    Love and prayers, Ray


  • Keith Cooperrider


    I have fond memories of Harue. She always had a cheerful attitude and a beautiful smile. She was amazingly fast on the abacus. Thanks Harue for your beautiful life.


  • Nick Buscovich


    To Philip and the Family, only met Harue a few times but our prayers are with her ascension and your entire family. God Bless the McCracken Family.


  • Donna Marshall


    Dear Phillip,
    My name is Donna ,I hope you will remember me as I stayed many years ago on a team with yourself and Harue during IOWC. I don,t remember any more where it was exactly but the team stayed in a sort of trailer. I remember the caring kindness of both yourself and Harue and for many, many years I have wanted to contact you all but did not know where you were. I had borrowed some books “the way of tradition” from you and left before returning them so I have them more than 30 years with me hoping one day to return them back to you.
    By chance of looking for some other information I came across this announcement of Harue’s passing. You and the family must miss her but knowing the Principle we are hopeful of her new journey.
    I am living in the Netherlands and would still like to return the books to you if you would like to have them back. Please send me your address if that is the case.
    For now wishing you all much strength and love.

    Many greetings, Donna


  • Donna


    Hi Philip and family.i just came across this . My name is Donna and I worked with Harue and Jonn Hessle at J house Harue and I used to have contests -who was faster her on the abacus or me on the calculator. She always won .I have very fond memories of her , her kindness, her wisdom and patience
    💜💜 .


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