In Memory of Gilberte Mayorga(1952 - 2014)

individual picture
Gilberte Mayorga
her husband, Amador Mayorga
Rafael Kunsong Mayorga (26), Pierre Francoise Mayorga (25)
Birth Date
February 23, 1952
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
October 16, 2014  5 AM (EST)
Local Church
Clifton Family Church

Following is a testimony by Amador Mayorga.

Gilberte Druard Mayorga was born in Brussels, Belgium on February 23, 1952. She was one of five children born to the Druard Family. Gilberte graduated High School in Belgium. It is remembered that she harbored a dream to become an airline attendant. As she was striving to fulfill that dream, in 1974 she met the Unification Movement in Brussels. Gilberte began witnessing and fundraising for the advancement of local activities and eventually joined the international One World Crusade team traveling throughout Europe and Asia.

In 1979, Gilberte was matched to her husband of 32 years, Amador Mayorga of Spain, in London, England. New options were made available and Gilberte chose to remain in England where “Home Church” activities were underway. She also joined the European Band playing her clarinet. She served the European Unification Movement, visiting people in their homes in local neighborhoods, performing in the band for church activities and generally sharing a message of God’s hope for humanity.

Gilberte eventually made her move to the United States where she was invited to join the New Hope Singers, part of the USA Performing Arts Department, supporting local activities and performing for national public programs. Gilberte and Amador were eventually blessed in marriage together with 2,075 couples at Madison Square Garden in 1982.

After beginning their family life, Gilberte worked with the Unification Church child care at the New Yorker Hotel until eventually moving to New Jersey in 1988 just prior to giving birth to her first son, Rafael, at Clara Maass Hospital in Belleville. A little more than one year later, the Mayorga family was blessed with a second son, Pierre.

While Gilberte cared for her children and babysat other local children she became involved with her local Christian church, River of Life Assembly of God. She sincerely cherished visiting her friends and neighbors, and was deeply dedicated to the care of her husband and children.

We will remember Gilberte fondly for her love of God, her love of her neighbors and her love of her family; husband, Amador, sons Rafael and Pierre, daughter-in-law, April, and “like another son”, Leonardo Nas cimento. We thank her for her victorious life in service to Heaven.

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