In Memory of Eric Holt(1952 - 2013)

individual picture
Eric Holt
Kanae Holt
Shayne, Johan, Homare
Birth Date
April 20, 1952
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
May 22, 2013  

Eric was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on April 20, 1952, the second of two children. He grew up in a family of meager means but put his mind to use at an early age, becoming Scottish Chess Champion at 19. He joined the Unification Church in Edinburgh in 1971 and came to America in 1973.

For more than 40 years, he served the church in many different capacities, raising funds for church activities on the Mobile Fundraising Teams (MFT) and developing his ministerial skills as the State Leader in Kentucky. He graduated Master of Divinity from the Unification Theological Seminary in 1994 and became Pastor of Belvedere Church in Tarrytown, NY, later serving as Vice Regional Director of the New York District and preaching in churches of many denominations.

Eric became the national church treasurer in 2001 and manned the financial helm of the movement for over a decade, investing himself totally in the stewardship of the church and its affiliates. A board member of many Church-related organizations, Eric was most recently recommended by True Mother and appointed by the HSA-UWC trustees as CFO in October 2012.

Eric was blessed by True Parents to his beautiful wife, Kanae Fujii, on July 1, 1982 at Madison Square Garden in the Holy Marriage Blessing of 2075 Couples. Together, they raised three children: Shayne (26), Johan (24) and Homare (21), who are with us here today.

He is fondly remembered by his family and friends for his dry sense of humor and humility. No matter how busy he was or how many deadlines were pressing, there was always time for a little joke and a witty pun.

Eric Holt was a great man of God, a faithful disciple of True Parents, and a true friend, husband, and father. He will be missed on Earth but is already being welcomed in Heaven.

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