In Memory of Debra Loew(1952 - 2019)

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Debra Loew
Nathan Loew
Young-il Eli, Yoshi, Gene, Virginia Rose
Birth Date
May 23, 1952
Blessing Date
July 1, 1982
Ascension Date
January 2, 2019  

Debra (Debbie) Loew passed away peacefully early in the morning on January 2, 2019 at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA with family and friends close by. She joins her husband in Spirit World, Nathan Loew, who passed earlier in 2018.

Debbie was born in Seattle but lived most of her young life in Yakima and Selah, WA. From middle school till she graduated high school she lived on a ranch with a small farm. She often reminisced on how she learned the value of hard work and living in nature from her years working on the farm with her family.

After graduating from Selah High as Salutatorian, Debbie went on to university, searching for her role in making the world a better place. While attending Laramie WY University, she met and joined the Unification Church, where she found an answer to her searching.

Married in the Holy Blessing at Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 1, 1982 to Nathan Loew, the new couple had their first two children in Seattle before being called to Virginia, where their youngest two were born. As her young children grew up, she ran a daycare, supported her husband in several deli and flower businesses, and enjoyed time with friends and family. In addition to supporting her family, she continued mission work wherever she lived as well as on trips to Russia and Korea. From 1997 to 1999 she and her husband moved the whole family to Ireland to continue mission work.

Debbie eventually decided teaching was her calling and enjoyed many years as a teacher at both a public and a private school in Northern Virginia, investing her time and whole heart into each student.

Debbie lived a life full of love, and dedicated her time to acts of kindness, especially to friends and family. She also loved the church community and spent many years teaching Sunday School and volunteering.

Debbie will be forever remembered by her four children, Young-il Eli, Yoshi, Gene, and Virginia Rose, and their eight grandkids, her sister, parents, and numerous close friends that experienced her love and kindness first hand.

The Seonghwa Ceremony will be held at 10:00 AM on Saturday, January 12 at:

Lester Gee Funeral Home
1390 Fairfield Ave,
Bridgeport, CT 06605

For anyone who would like to help cover the costs of travel, funeral, and burial, please see the GoFundMe page.

Seonghwa Ceremony

10:00 AM
Saturday, January 12, 2019
Lester Gee Funeral Home: 1390 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06605

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  • John


    Blessings to you and Nathan. I remember you Debra, a very good and loving sister. God Bless you and God Bless you children.


  • Kaarina Jager


    You will be missed as will your husband, Nathan. I knew you through your son, Young-Il, a friend to our sons, Risun and Austhan. Eli always spoke highly of his parents. It is hard to lose a spouse, a parent, not to mention both parents. Your children and grandchildren will continue in the great spirit of their parents and grandparents. Fare Thee Well, Debbie, to meet your Maker and to be reunited with your husband. Kaarina and Risun Jager


  • Mary A Schaffer-Wigton


    Debbie and I were roommates when I moved from the Boulder center back to my home town in Portland, Oregon. It was supposed to be a visit with my family and I was preparing to return to Boulder……but my car was stolen and I contacted the Portland Church and stayed with them until we got my car back. While I was there I was convinced (who can resist Debbie Mile’s smiles) I should stay in Portland…and I’m glad I did. Debbie and I were very close and we worked together on many projects. Survived the Mt St. Helens eruption, Had the best Sunday services with guests every Sunday (Who can resist Debbie?). Tony, our center Director was making “Butterfly Gardens” to sell and taught us how. We of course improved the design with “a woman’s touch”. We both moved to Seattle during a change in leadership and I am still here. We taught the Seattle members to make the Butterfly Gardens. I helped Debbie make wedding dresses for the 1982 Blessing, and was there when she and Nathan started their family later on; and I helped care for their first 2 children. I have so many good memories of them both. Nathan was so much fun! Just a beautiful family! I am so happy for them both, their children and grandchildren are their greatest achievement. I had the pleasure of meeting the two children I cared for again this past Saturday, after all these years, at the memorial service. Of course the ones I knew as babies don’t remember me. The last time I saw them they were both babies….but the heart connection is there. I thank Debbie and Nathan for putting up with me and gently guiding me when I needed guiding. The laughter, the tears, overcoming, all of us sneaking off to DC for Father’s 60th Birthday celebration (that was a very cold, slippery, tiring, yet wonderful experience) with our center director, Tony, and Marianna, Neil, Mitch, me and Debbie (We stayed with Bruce Williams in NY, who became my husband’s spiritual dad when he married Rhonda ……….Big Hugs……. Love, Mary Ann


  • Scott Dolfay


    It’s high time that I say something about Debbie and Nathan. Precious people both. As the expression goes we of the first generation are getting “long in the tooth” but that brings with it perspective. My experience with them is but one of many making me so grateful to have met our True Parents. I look forward to seeing them again when my time comes. We first met shortly after I joined the church in 1981 in Seattle. Later we spent the Christmas season in Hawaii selling the butterflies that Mary Ann mentioned above (I still have some). As fate (God) would have it she passed away while on a visit from the east coast to see her family here in northwest Washington. This sad occasion provided the chance to meet their 4 children for the first time. All so impressive; but the granddaughter I can’t forget her natural elegance. I know after countless providential failures it’s easy to be cynical but thinking of that kid gives me hope. I honestly can say if you didn’t get to know them you missed out.


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