In Memory of David Polcyn(1957 - 2014)

individual picture
David Polcyn
Hitomi Polcyn
Birth Date
October 11, 1957
Ascension Date
November 15, 2014  

Following is a testimony by Dr. Mose Durst.

Our beloved Brother, David Polcyn, ascended to the spirit world on November 15, 2014. He is survived by his wife, Hitomi, and his daughter, Sachie. David loved spending time in nature where he felt closest to our Heavenly Parent. He also loved sharing the love of nature and Heavenly Parent with his family and friends.
Let us join together to support David’s family in this important time and pray for his victorious transition to a new and glorious life in the spiritual world.
Following is a biography celebrating David’s life by Dr. Mose Durst.

The Life of David Polcyn

David Polcyn, a faithful brother devoted to God and True Parents, ascended to the spirit world on November 15, 2014. He was the loving husband of his wife, Hitomi, with whom he was blessed in marriage in 1989 with 1275 couples, and the adoring father of their daughter, Sachie.

David joined the Unification Church in 1978 in Oakland, California. He was an assistant to Dr. Durst at the National Church Headquarters from 1980 – 1989, and on staff for the Global Economic Action Institute for the same period. David was a classic American: intelligent, caring, sacrificial, patriotic, loyal, just, and strong, with a passionate love for his family, his friends, and the Unification Church. David regularly spent time in nature, for it is there where he felt closest to God. He found not only great beauty in the landscape, but also the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

As in the writings of John Muir and Henry Thoreau, books that inspired him, he too found the mystery of the creation in its silent beauty. He delighted in sharing his love of nature with the many friends that were guests in his home.

From 1990 until 2011 David and his family lived in Japan. His purpose was to be a bridge between East and West, and he came to love Japanese culture as much as American culture.

He began a small school and taught English while in Japan. He returned to Sedona where as a child he stayed with his family and relations.

Seonghwa Ceremony

The Seonghwa Ceremony will be held at 11:00 am on Sunday, November 30, at the Arizona Peace Embassy, 1715 S El Camino Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281.
After the ceremony, there will be an optional prayer in Sedona, at a trail head celebrating David’s love of hiking. (Sedona is a two hour drive from Tempe)

For more details, please contact Larry Tuma at 623-256-7267 or Ronda Flowers at 480-968-2405.

Seonghwa Ceremony

11 AM (UTC)
Arizona Peace Embassy, 1715 S El Camino Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281