In Memory of Bryan Lopez(1954 - 2017)

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Bryan Lopez
Birth Date
January 10, 1954
Ascension Date
May 7, 2017  
Local Church
Harlem Family Church
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our beloved brother, Bryan Lopez, of the Harlem Family Church in New York, ascended to the spiritual world on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Bryan joined the Unification Movement in 1976 and after committing his heart and life to God and True Parents, joined the activities to prepare for the Yankee Stadium and then the Washington Monument rallies. He has kept his faithful heart and love for True Parents, and never stopped sharing their teaching with everyone he met.

Let us support Bryan's continued journey at this special time, and pray for his victorious transition to a glorious new life in the spiritual world, where our True Father and many saints are waiting for him with open hearts and arms.

Following is a biography and information of the Seonghwa service from Rev. Edner and Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis, Pastors of New York District and Harlem Family Church.


​Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director

Dr. Michael Balcomb

Bryan Lopez was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 10, 1954, son of a Cuban American seaman and a North Carolina African American woman. He delighted in telling stories about his early years growing up in the city and in Wilmington, North Carolina–one nuclear family, but two locations he considered his hometowns.

A few months prior to the June 1976 Yankee Stadium Rally, Bryan Lopez, newly minted army veteran, met our Unificationist brothers and sisters in midtown Manhattan, attended the Divine Principle lectures, embraced the teachings, and began his journey as a disciple and child of True Parents.  Wherever he was, at work or home, Bryan always delighted in sharing the truth of the Divine Principle to whoever had an ear to listen.

He took great pride in the mobilization work he did supporting the Yankee Stadium Rally, and later on, the very successful rally at the Washington Monument in D.C.  It was with much pride that he received his 40-Year Yankee Stadium Rally commemorative pin in recognition of his dedicated work.

In February of 1977, Bryan joined as staff at Jacob House in Tarrytown, NY, which was then a workshop center for 3- and 7-day workshops. He was the tall, always ready to share a good word young man we delighted to hang with during lunch. His stories were always encouraging.

In the mid 80s Bryan returned to Wilmington, NC to care for his parents and close relatives. During this time he kept close contact with church members and never wavered in his love for True Parents.

In the early 90s, Bryan felt a calling to return to New York to fully reengage in church activities. Encountering and wrestling with some difficulties, he settled in the Bronx, and made time to attend Sunday services in Manhattan and Harlem, often after night shifts as a security guard. No matter where he was, Bryan loved to witness and share the teachings of the Principle with workmates and others he’d met along the way.

Bryan’s heart was like a compass, always directed towards True Parents. On this he never wavered.

In the past few years, diabetes and its complications began to affect his health, sometimes gravely.  On May 5, he was due to travel to Ecuador to meet his match for the first time in person. His hope was to attend the Blessing later this year. However, a few days before his travel date, he fell terribly ill, was taken to the hospital, and passed early Sunday morning, on May 7. He was 63 years old.

Seonghwa Ceremony

A Seonghwa memorial service will be held for Bryan Lopez at the Harlem Family Church on Wednesday, May 17, at 7 p.m., at 147 West 120 St., New York, NY 10026.

All who knew Bryan are welcome to come, share, pray and wish our brother, a son of the True Parents, a loving journey to his eternal home.

Seonghwa Ceremony

7:00 PM (EST)
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
147 West 120 St., New York, NY 10026

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  • Sandra Lowen, PhD


    Bryan was a faithful and trustworthy brother whose service and dedication to True Parents and our movement was unwavering. He, along with a number of his friends were among the first in a wave of interested people that came to us in New York as we launched ‘Spanish Church’. When the understanding of the teachings and way of life became more intense, Bryan alone remained of his close friends. He was a great help to our Sunburst Performing Arts team, working as an unofficial ‘Roadie’ and security guard for our belongings and personnel and as an assistant at the Jacob House workshops in 1977. No matter what someone asked him to assist with, his response was always, ‘Yes’. His towering 6’7″ frame made him appear to be quite imposing, but there was never a kinder, gentler person. He sacrificed much in going to North Carolina to care for his parents, and I was so grateful to hear from him in 1990 that he was returning to the area after fulfilling his obligations to his family. Even though his ex-spouse was not able to make a full commitment to someone from a culture so extremely different from hers, he was faithful and supportive to her, and he continued to support her for years after they separated. It was with a heavy heart and much prayer that he and his central figures decided that it was time for him to again seek the Blessing. Despite his advanced age and impinging infirmities, he felt that he did not want to go to the Spiritual World as a single man.
    It was my humble honor to serve as Bryan’s matching supporter. We searched for two years to find an appropriate match for him. Many people that have had to wait so long are full of resentment and waver in their faith. Bryan was always grateful, even in the face of rejection. Ultimately we located an appropriate potential spouse for him in Ecuador. He had made the necessary preparations to travel when she suffered a stroke that threatened her ability to serve as a viable marriage partner. As well, her family opposed the marriage and even wrote threatening e-mails to him. Despite this, he confirmed his ticket and prepared to travel.
    I knew there was an issue when I did not hear from Bryan for almost a week. We corresponded by phone or E-mail every two or three days, and with this important event coming up in his life I knew he would want to talk and receive a supporting prayer from our couple before he met with his Intended. Ultimately I reached his niece, who told me he had been in coma in hospital for several days and that his prospects did not look good. I was happy that I could reach his pastor and let him know, so that he could be ministered to before his ascension.
    I pray continually for Bryan’s settlement in his new life in the Spirit World. May God bless his family and all those who were blessed by knowing him.


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